Cult of the Lamb is getting a huge free combat-focused update

The development studio Massive Monster has announced the first big free update for Cult of the Lamb, the independent success of last summer. The patch, which No date concrete release, it will focus on giving more options for the combat and in improving the experience of the dungeons, as explained by the developers in a publication on Steam.

In the preview of this update that promises “add more depth to the game” you can see three new attacks for the main lamb, all of them based on the added a Strong Attack for each weapon which is performed by holding and releasing the attack button.

The spinning sword It is capable of taking down multiple enemies at once with a forceful vertical strike, making it useful in situations where the player is surrounded. The ax can be thrown as if it were a boomerang that follows the lamb wherever it moves. The dagger adds an area attack that summons huge daggers falling from the sky to defeat enemies that are in a straight line.

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“Adding a new attack for each weapon will give you more options in each confrontation,” they say from Massive Monster. “However, we are also working on many other new features that will add depth, difficulty, accessibility Y [mejoras de] quality of life. We’re also listening to your feedback and addressing the most requested improvements in this free Major Content Update.”

Among the various GIFs in the Steam post, one of the final bosses, Barbatos, is shown with some changes. “Can you identify something different in Barbatos? There will be many good reasons to ask for a rematch with your favorite enemies,” says the study, leaving glimpse something related to the fights against the final bosses. Of course, they also warn that the patch will take time to arrive: “It’s a LOT, so it will be in the pot for a while”.

Two new cultists can be obtained until January 5

Likewise, the study has also announced that in early January 2023 there will be a small update to fix bugsand the addition of two new cultists (lions and penguins) which will be available as Twitch Drops until January 5th.

Cult of the Lamb is available for PC, Nintendo Switch, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4 and Xbox One from August 11, 2022. You can read our analysis here.