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Cunning buy stations in CoD Warzone 2 are now taking players hostage

Buying stations in Call of Duty: Warzone 2 and DMZ are usually the key to success. But a new bug now ensures that the tools simply swallow you up.

A round of Warzone usually starts like this: You jump alone or with your friends over your favorite spot in Al’Mazrah or on Ashika Island. Once on the ground, you look for a gun and a bit of equipment and you start hunting opponents or looking for the next job.


For many players, the quickest route is then to the purchase station. There is everything you need to survive in the Warzone. You can now buy weapons, armor plates, tactical items, even entire loadouts.

But be careful, a new bug at the buying stations can spoil the whole round for you.

What is this bug? If you hop onto a buy station or dive for cover behind them, you may be swallowed by them. You are then trapped in a small box and cannot get out on your own. But don’t worry, there are ways to escape the trap. Only solo players should be careful.


Season 2 Reloaded brought many new features to Al’Mazrah and Ashika Island. Apparently, an error crept in.

CoD MW2 & Warzone 2: Mid-Season 2 – Trailer


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Taken hostage by the buying station – this causes a lot of laughs on Reddit

In the subreddit r/CODWarzone, the user u/Jesus_CoD has published a video showing how he is kidnapped by a buying station. Desperately he tries to free himself from the clutches of the box, but in the end only a precision air strike helps. When knocked out, he can somehow wriggle out of the box and then revive.

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One wrong maneuver and you too can become a hostage of a buying station.

Below his post are numerous comments from other players who have met the same fate. The bug seems to occur not only in Warzone, but also in DMZ. Al’Mazrah and Ashika Island are equally affected.

This also happened to us in DMZ. My buddy even tried to blow himself free with a grenade. Nothing helped. We then had to get a vehicle and drive very close to the buying station. So he was able to get into the ATV and free himself. That seems to be the only way.


While some users discuss how best to get out of the situation, others take it with humor.


Hey people! I’m stuck in a buying station again – do you need anything else?


Apparently, many players were already affected by the error. However, the developer’s Trello board suggests that the error is at least known. However, it is not yet clear when the bug will be fixed. So be extra careful the next time you go to a buying station. As long as you approach without “jumping” you should be safe.

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Have you or one of your friends already fallen victim to the kidnapping shopping stations? Has anything similar happened to you in the past? Do you have an alternative solution ready? We want to hear your opinion! Leave us a comment and discuss with the community.

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