Curious Pokemon Mega Evolutions inspired by Maganium, Feraligatr and Thyplosion surprise fans

Tom Henry

curious pokemon mega evolutions inspired by maganium, feraligatr and thyplosion

We are talking in this case about Pokemon. Here comes a Mega Evolution for Meganium, Feraligatr and Thyplosion designed by Pokemon fans!

Meganium, Feraligatr, and Thyplosion are the final forms of the 2nd generation starter Pokemon. As with other initials, these have the Plant, Water and Fire types respectively, and this fact can be seen represented in the fan-art shared on this occasion. In the image that we leave you below we can see how a fan of Pokemon under the name of PhatmonMonstraros shows some great fan-arts of Mega Meganium, Mega Feraligatr and Mega Thyplosion, some possible Mega Evolutions of them. Without a doubt the result is great

It is not the first time that fan-arts of this style are shared by franchise players, having obtained a fantastic result in this case. In the image you can see to the Pokemon with a much more threatening aspect compared to their original design, with curious details in their design, such as the flowers in Meganium, the flames in Thyplosion or the size of the body of Feraligatr.

Without a doubt, the final result that he has obtained is great. You can see the complete post with all the images shared by the user at this link. Here you can see it:

OC Mega Meganium, Typhlosion and Feraligatr
by u/PhatmonMonster you in pokemon

What do you think? Do you think other designs could have been better? We read you in the comments.


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