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Curse of the Sea Rats, a beautiful ‘ratoidvania’ that will arrive physically on Switch, PS5 and PS4

Offered by Meridiem Games

The next 6 of April An adventure with some very special ingredients arrives in stores in USA: the cinema of classic 2D animationthe nonlinear action platforms (or metroidvania), the pirate stories of 18th century Ireland, and rats, lots and lots of lovely rats. Curse of the Sea Rats it’s a ratoidvania created and developed by Petoons Studio from Barcelona and Girona. Be available in vPhysical ersion for Nintendo Switch, PS4 and PS5In addition to having a digital version for all platforms.


An adventure pirate nostalgic full of roads

The adventure leads the four main characters, prisoners of the British Empire, to travel the Irish coast in the 18th century to find the famous pirate witch Flora Burn, who cursed them by transforming them into rats. Thus, the pirates they will have to fight with hundreds of enemies, overcome obstacles and face powerful final bosses of different species to recover their human bodies.

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All of that takes shape with a colorful three-dimensional world with characters, enemies and elements of the 2D environment whose animations have been made by hand, which is reminiscent of the most classic Disney animated films and, at the same time, of those platforms based on those tapes that were released during the days of the Mega Drive and Super Nintendo. Quite a nostalgic journey, with more than 12 hours of contentwhich is also not linear.


That is because the representation it makes Curse of the Sea Rats off the Irish coast is teeming with optional quests, paths, discoveries, supporting characters and secrets, so each player will forge their own adventure, which will open up and branch out (there are several endings!) as the pirates get space skills and magic with a full tree of improvements in which to spend the gold obtained, which can also be exchanged for items and other treasures.

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The retagonists of the adventure

All this, in addition, can be enjoyed in a local cooperative mode for four players that provides all the facilities so that those who take control can enter and leave the game at all times. In addition, each pirate It has its own style that encourages cooperation when playing with friends and family. The retagonists are:


  • David Douglas: An American colonist who enlisted in the Continental Army to fight against the British Empire, a man who can fight in many ways. He boasts good speed and range with his cutlass as well as a devastating midair slash. On the other hand, David has his trusty pistol to make strong attacks from a distance.
  • Buffalo Calf: Captured for sneaking into a British camp and unleashing the horses while the soldiers slept, Buffalo Calf is a lightning-fast combatant with two daggers that she can use for strong ranged attacks and quick melee combat.
  • Bussa: Hailing from the island of Barbados, Bussa is a runaway slave who escaped his oppressors to become a rebel leader fighting against those who enslaved him. There is no better fighter, and his devastating hooks are deadly at close range. Bussa uses his size to his advantage, striking enemies from above and using his immense strength to block attacks.
  • Akane Yamakawa: Akane is a warrior trained by the Shogun and her skill with the naginata is unquestionable. Her impressive range allows her to excel in medium to long-range combat, allowing her to keep enemies at a distance. She is agile and acrobatic, with quick sweeping blows and precise thrusts.
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