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Danger! Disney Dreamlight Valley has a progression breaking bug that you can work around

Don't take Mother Gothel's quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley if you don't have enough Dream Shards.

Don’t take Mother Gothel’s quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley if you don’t have enough Dream Shards.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is currently still in Early Access and even though the game has a lot to offer, there are still some bugs. Some of them even hinder the progress of quests, similar to the story task “The Curse”. You should only start this mission if you are well prepared. Otherwise you may get stuck for a while.

Dreamlight Valley quest will not let you progress if you are missing Dream Shards

You will receive said quest as soon as you have unlocked the Glade of Trust west of the meadow. In the center of the area is a huge tree surrounded by dark fog. Here you are given the task of greeting Mother Gothel by going through the door.

Don’t do this if you are not properly prepared! As soon as you start the task, a curse is released on the village, locking all residents in their houses. That means you can no longer complete friendship tasks or buy and sell items.

To lift the curse, you must talk to Merlin, who will ask you to gather ingredients for an enchantment. You need these requirements:

  • 5 night shards
  • 5 dream shards
  • Convince Kristoff to help you cast the spell

If you have the night and dream shards together, you can easily continue. However, if you are missing some, it will be tricky, because they are not so easy to get. It is best to start the mission only when you have already collected all the materials.

You can do that when Nightshards and Dreamshards are missing

You shouldn’t have much trouble with night shards, as you can dig them out of the ground anywhere on glowing hills with a shovel. Dream Shards, on the other hand, are harder to come by. You get them primarily by removing night thorns. But if you have already unlocked and cleaned all areas, it looks meager with dream shard sources.

While some Nightthorns return every day, there aren’t many and the drop rate for Dreamshards is very low. In the worst case, it can take several days before you have enough pieces together and can even do missions for other characters again.

But there is a little workaround: Some areas in the various areas are not available to you from the start because they are blocked by giant mushrooms and the like. With a trick you can still get there to harvest the afterthorns there. Similar to all other pieces of furniture, you can also move the small fountains, which act as fast travel stations, in the game.

You can move the fountain like a piece of furniture via the inventory menu.

You can move the fountain like a piece of furniture via the inventory menu.

To do this, simply open your inventory, go left down to the furniture and then close the selection with the same button you use to open the inventory (the Y button on Xbox). Now you can move items that have already been placed. Grab an unlocked fountain in an area and move it to the restricted area – voila, you can go there and remove some more nightthorns.

Dreamshards gifted: By the way, if you haven’t opened your mailbox yet, you can also find a remedy here. The developers are already aware of the problem and are working on a patch to fix various bugs. As an interim solution, they deposited 25 dream shards in the mailboxes of all players. So if you haven’t taken them out yet, you can work around the problem with them.

In addition to the patch, the first major update that Toy Story brings to the game has already been announced:

Disney Dreamlight Valley is getting a Toy Story update soon


Disney Dreamlight Valley is getting a Toy Story update soon

More Disney Dreamlight Valley tips:

Time travel with caution: Feeding animals their favorite foods also has a small chance of giving you Dream Shards. And if you’re really desperate, there’s also the theoretical option to jump in time by closing the game and adjusting your console’s clock. But be careful: there can be all kinds of bugs that affect your game.

For example, grown goods can no longer be harvested if you jump in time in between. So don’t grow anything and don’t touch anything but night thorns if you really want to time travel.

Are you also struggling with this problem or are you equipped with enough shards?

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