Dark and Darker wants to reach mobile devices

dark and darker launches in early access form

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Dark and Darker wants to reach mobile devices

Today we know that ironmance wants to bring his PvP dungeon crawler game Dark and Darker to mobile devices. To do this, the study has caught the attention of Krafton, who is the publisher of the popular game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) in its version for mobile phones and tablets.

It must be remembered that currently there is a legal dispute between the developer Ironmace and Nexon. This forced Dark and Darker to be removed from Steam. In this way, it is quite striking that with a legal dispute involved, there is already talk of a license sale to bring the game to the always attractive market. of mobile devices.

Krafton is interested in bringing the Dark and Darker to mobile devices

Dark and Darker

krafton It is a South Korean game developer and distributor. Popular for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, the company believes that the game theme offered by Dark and Darker It is very appealing for mobile devices. Just as PUBG was in its day, we are talking about a unique, very popular game that presents a new kind of game. All this already guarantees that it will have popularity among a market of players hungry to try new things.

“We have watched with great interest the potential and creativity of Dark and Darker,” said Rafael Lim, editorial director of Krafton. “From the genre to the overall IP setting, Dark and Darker hit the nail on the head with its PC release. We at Krafton can’t wait to share these exciting dungeon crawls with a whole new community of fans on mobile. “

However, if it does arrive, if the legal dispute continues, we do not know if it will reach mobile devices outside of Google Play and the Apple Store. It must be remembered that this legal dispute began at the beginning of this year. That’s when Nexon accused Ironmace of creating the game. using stolen assets from a canceled Nexon project. In March, Nexon’s legal action led to the withdrawal of the game from Steam. After this, to continue offering access to the beta, Ironmace released the game on BitTorrenty, against all odds, continued to be a success.

Most recently, earlier this month, the studio released an Early Access version of Dark and Darker through his website and a digital store called Chaf Games. While the game enjoyed popularity, not being available on Steam has clipped its wings from being a much bigger project.

Krafton wants the license at all costs

Thus, we do not know if Krafton has inside information. basically run the risk of losing both the license and the money it spent to acquire it if Nexon prevails in court. Either you have inside information, or basically acquiring the Dark and Darker mobile license is worth the risk. Whether with Ironmace, or Nexon, the company would be guaranteed to have the license for mobile devices at all costs.

It also helps, to Ironmace had a recent small victory in the courts. Specifically, Nexon’s lawsuit for copyright in the US. was dismissed. The judge in the case determined that it would be best resolved in South Korea. Nexon had argued that the case should be tried in the US.”because the Korean courts are powerless to compel the production of certain evidence“. This implies that for Ironmace it will be an advantage that the lawsuit is only pursued in his native country.

Krafton declined to comment on his reasons for acquiring the license now, but confirmed that he is aware of Ironmace’s precarious legal situation. “Regarding legal issues, Krafton is monitoring court decisions as a third partya Krafton spokesperson told PC Gamer.

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