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Dark and Darker will receive a demo in April, needing more testing before launching as early access | we are xbox

The developer Ironmace has reported that Dark and Darker will receive one more demo in April, since they need more demos to reach their long-awaited early access in good condition. This game, like Sons of the Forest, is one of those that cause a great expectation on the Steam page, moving a lot of money even when they are not completely finished.

The name of the game must be familiar to many, since in addition to being popular in the Valve store, it was presented with one of the most important demos to Steam Next Fest, where, to name a few, a System Shock demo was playable.

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Dark and Darker will receive a demo in April

The developers have admitted that they need more testing before partially publishing the game. Not without first thanking everyone for their participation in the most recent demo that was available for a couple of days. Just as it cleared up doubts, I create other suspicions, which should be resolved in this new demo.

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This will not be like the previous one, it will include new features. That is why this new limited version will take so long to arrive. This can be played demo between April 14 and 19. The developer swears that the wait will be worth it, trusting that the quality of its product does not deflate with each demo that we play the hype, quite the opposite.

With the test that arrives in April, you can already count up to five demos of the game. This fifth demonstration would be better taken if Ironmace gave us a clear date for early access releaseBut that day has not yet come. You can join the huge acceptance of Dark and Darker and add this game to your wishlist through its Steam page.