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Dark Souls 3 loses its online again while the rest of the saga is still in check

The odyssey that the Dark Souls multiplayer mode is being on PC is only comparable with the difficulty of the saga itself. A huge cybersecurity flaw, which allowed attackers to execute any type of program on your computer through the invasion system was discovered, causing the online of the three games of the saga to be turned off while the matter was fixed.

After being deactivated for long months at the beginning of the year, it seemed that everything was fixed when Bandai Namco announced that the third game in the saga would return to being connected to the network, while the other two it would take a little longer to receive the same treatment. She seemed.

Two days ago, players on Reddit began noticing connectivity issues in Dark Souls 3, the only game in the franchise to have its multiplayer features back. Shortly after, there was consensus: again we were offlineand the official account of the game has spoken about it.

via Twitter, we have been able to see the message that FromSoftware has sent to those concerned about the current situation. “There’s a confirmed problem with online play via Steam from Dark Souls 3. We are investigating the source of the problem and will inform you as soon as we have more details, ”the company has communicated.

After more than 200 days waiting for the servers to reconnect, this has not been received positively by the community, which he has no idea of what is happening. The lack of transparency is something that has made players fear the worst in the past, and not knowing what is happening or how long this situation will last is not something that players have taken well. For now, it’s time to arm yourself with patience.

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