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Darkest Dungeon 2 already has a release date on PC and celebrates it with a free demo

Darkest Dungeons 2 It has been in early access for some time and is available exclusively on the Epic Games Store, where it achieved a successful opening with more than 100,000 units in two days. After delaying the release of his version 1.0 on PC, Red Hook Studios has finally confirmed when we will be able to play it on their build more complete: will be released next May 8and not only in the Epic Games Store but also coming to Steam.

In fact, to celebrate the announcement of its release date, Red Hook Studios has announced that a new version will be available today. free demo of Darkest Dungeons 2 in both computer video game stores, as part of the Steam Next Fest celebration that takes place from February 6 to 13. this demo allow you to control all four starting heroes across an entire region, to choose between Sprawl (city) or Foetor (farms); yes, the study warns that the progress we get in this demo will not be saved in case we get the final version of the game.

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Darkest Dungeons 2an apocalyptic and demanding journey roguelike

Version 1.0 of Darkest Dungeons 2 include a dozen playable heroes, five entire regions, five final bosses, and a logistics center with persistent improvements for all shipments. Extensive content that is structured in a format roguelike that promotes its own emerging narrative thanks, among other things, to an affinity system which means that as the journey progresses, the heroes will get along better or develop enmity, which will reward with synergies in combat or, on the other hand, a total dysfunction.

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Darkest Dungeons 2 was released in early access for PC in October 2021, when in vandal we were able to test it to tell you in our impressions “that it does not compete with its predecessor. They are two games that, despite sharing obvious common points, offer quite different experiences enough to make them two perfectly valid alternatives. This sequel is a roguelite something more pure and traditional in its structure, but it does so many things well and we have liked some of its novelties so much that we has caught us again as the original did in his day”.

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Under these lines you can see a gallery with new images of Darkest Dungeons 2.