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Darkest Dungeon II will have its full release in May

It’s been almost a year and a half since Red Hook Studios released Darkest Dungeon II as Early Access, and the developers have continued to refine and tweak the game based on feedback from the feedback received. The work is about to pay off, as we now know when will version 1.0 arrive from the sequel to Darkest Dungeon.

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Red Hook Studios claims that Darkest Dungeon will be leaving Early Access and will be released for real on May 8. But we won’t have to wait three months to prove it. That’s it demo available both on Steam and the Epic Games Store. It allows us to play the four starting heroes as we battle our way through two of the five full-game regions, but our progress won’t carry over.

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One of the reasons for the latter is that the developers will continue to update Early Access builds for a while longer, which means that some pretty noticeable changes could be introduced before the “final” product arrives in a scant three months’ time.

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Darkest Dungeons II