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David Gaider wants to see a remake of Dragon Age Origins with all the goodness of the new generation | we are xbox

Yeah david gaider wants to see a Dragon Age Origins remake, this desire is driven by more than just selling. It could be said that the writer of the current dragon age trilogy has seen potential in updating the graphics and other details of the game thanks to new technologies.


Recall that David Gaider left Bioware in 2016, in which both parties declared it was a friendly farewell, out of scandals or a misunderstanding. The writer continues with more suitable projects for him, away from large investments. Even so, he does not lose the opportunity to express the desire that he has with the saga that he saw born.

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David Gaider Wants To See A Dragon Age Origins Remake

David Gaider wants to see a Dragon Age Origins remake, and so do I

Many consider Dragon Age Origins the best in the saga, but the truth is that it is the least flashy to start with the trilogy. According to David Gaider’s own survey, Dragon Age Origins came out in 2009, and even then it was already graphically outdated. The animations could be improved so as not to give the new player a strange old feeling.


David Gaider wants to see a remake of Dragon Age Origins with all the benefits of the new generation of consoles. A perfect project to accompany Dreadwolf and give a little more life to this important saga.

Because, after all, that would be the main reason to create a remake of Dragon Age Origins: to give it a better presentation so that new players venture out in this saga and don’t run away when you see the first scene. It would also be a gift for some of the most deeply rooted in the saga, but they were already dazzled by the game from before.

The romantic scenes would take on a new incentive, since with the new technologies, they would stop being so uncomfortable. The problem would come when this project is taken to the Electronic Artswho have the last word. David Gaider (and I) is clear that the company would not take this risk without first being clear that this would be a million-dollar project.