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Day 6: Bisons stays with the duel of leaders

The third week of competition in the super league is here, the USALeague of Legends contest organized by the Professional Video Game League (LVP) enters a new week full of great games that could begin to define the fate of some teams such as jokers that is adrift, at the opening of this Matchday 6 Navarro’s team fell again, this time against The Heretics and a flakked lit at the opening of Day 6.

Among other great moments of the day we have had the spectacular triumphs of KOI on the squad of Fnatic TQ and the victory of giants in view of UCAM Tokiers; the tents with a Koldo in MVP mode they achieved an irremediable advantage to thus seal their second victory of the season; while the giants They did the same with a great collective game development that had high points in Decay, Alby Y Attila.


In addition, at the close of the date, we have had the highlight of the day in an exciting clash of leaders between rebels Y Bisons where the latter were left with the victory to stay (momentarily) beside Movistar Riders at the peak of the season. Without further ado, below we bring you everything that Day 6 of super league.

Jokers – The Heretics (0-1)


The set of jokers tried to take the initiative in the game, Navarro’s team tried by all means to gain an advantage in the top lane, in the first place only with Akre; but later it was added hydra to the jungle ganks of jokers to help the Fiora of dreedy. This began to bear fruit, which gave priority to Akre to claim the two Rift Heralds and have the gold advantage in the match, however Flakked (sivir) Y Marlon (Yummi) were the key pieces for The Heretics turn the game around and stay with a new victory.

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Finally after 30 minutes of game and after keeping the bonus of Baron Nashor, the heretics they achieved an extermination inside the Source of jokers which ended up giving them the team’s fourth victory; while this result meant the sixth defeat in six games for the squad of jokers, a very tough first season in the top flight for Navarro’s team.

Finetwork KOI – Fnatic TQ (1-0)


The tents They have had a great start to the game, Koldo has been key in this early game of koi getting kills both in the top lane and his direct rival in the jungle of Fnatic TQ. In a little less than ten minutes koi It was already done with four casualties on the scoreboard (three for Koldo on Rabble) and the first Rift Herald. since then Sinmivak, Koldo Y Roof they have done nothing but scale by leaps and bounds and the difference that there was with respect to their direct rivals could be clearly seen in the objects.

koi dominated the Rift without problems, but a good fight that had as its main protagonist the yummy of Advent left a balance of four casualties for FnaticTQ, however the gold difference in favor of koi It was too much and this fight hardly affected the course of a game that after 30 minutes the tents managed to close to get the second victory of the season and get away from jokers on the Positions table.


Giants – UCAM Tokiers (1-0)


The third game of the day faced two teams in need of victories, on the one hand UCAM Tokiers that comes from three consecutive defeats; while in the other corner, giants He arrived with four of them, however the Malaga team was able to become a Giant and after a few first minutes where passivity reigned in the Summoner’s Crack, giants thanks to decay (Sylas) Y Alby (wukong) They got several kills to take off on the gold marker and dominate the game with more ease.

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The game could have ended earlier, however the closure came with a attila disrespected and the Ancestral Dragon bonus, the team from Malaga put the finishing touch to a great game that they dominated and knew how to close to claim their second victory, say goodbye to the losing streak and reach, once again, the line of koi on the Table of Positions; On the other hand, the Murcians, in free fall, will have to face a tough Rebels Gaming who will seek to stay at the top of Super League.


Movistar Riders – Barça eSports (1-0)

Riders-Barca-Day6-Super League

Already in the final stretch of this sixth day of super league we have had the entertaining cross between Movistar Riders Y Barcelona eSportsduring the first minutes of the game the riders They sought to take the initiative in the murders, despite this the Catalan team responded with the same formula. However already in the mid game, the Madrid team managed to get a good advantage thanks to the neutral goals of the Rift (Heralds, Nashor and Dragons). This advantage in items and gold quickly translated into kills for a Movistar Riders that at minute 23 four of his five players had rewards of 150, 250 and 400 gold.

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With only four kills as a team, the barca could not stop the siege of the riders that after claiming the Soul of the Dragon of the Mountains and the bonus of Baron Nashor they managed to close an important victory to continue on at the top of super league; On the other hand, the situation of Barça with this defeat places it in half board with a 3-3 record and next Thursday they will have to face a direct rival such as Giants.


Bisons Eclub – Rebels Gaming (1-0)

The last game of the day brought us the main course between two leaders of Super League, Rebels quickly took the lead on the kill score with a Rayito fully on, after 15 minutes the shooter had three kills and two assists with 100% accuracy. Kill Participation; However, the bison They didn’t sit idly by and while they haven’t been able to respond with kills for the first few minutes, they have done so by claiming the Rift’s neutral targets (three dragons, a herald and Baron Nashor).

After claiming the Nashor and winning a series of good fights, the bison they took the lead in the game which gave them priority to finish claiming the Soul of the Mountains and put one in check rebels They seemed to have lost their way. Finally, 30 minutes into the game and after taking the second Nashor, the team led by Myrwn sealed a great victory over one of the great candidates of this Super League.

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