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Days Gone 2 petition from 2 years ago is still getting signatures

A two-year-old petition asking Sony to make Days Gone 2 is still getting signatures and closing in on a major new record.

The petition was started two years ago by user Kanhai Raval following news that Sony was not going ahead with Days Gone 2 after the original game failed to meet the company’s expectations. The petition amassed more than 100,000 signatures after a year of posting, and is now on track to reach 200,000 signatures.


days gone is an open-world zombie game developed by Bend Studio, the developer perhaps best known for its Siphon Filter franchise. There was great anticipation for Days Gone in the months leading up to its release, as PlayStation’s own games have a reputation for high-quality experiences.

Unfortunately, Days Gone didn’t live up to Sony’s expectations, getting mixed reviews and failing to generate the sales that were apparently expected of it.

Even though a sequel to Days Gone was released, it seems that Sony isn’t interested in making the game and Bend Studio has since moved on to other projects. Days Gone fans aren’t giving up hope though, so the call for Sony to make a sequel is getting renewed attention, even two years after it was initially included in Change. The petition has more than 180,000 signatures at the time of this writing.


New people sEsports Extrasher with every page update, suggesting she could very well cross the 200,000 signature mark very soon.