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DC Gives Superman His Own Catwoman


DC Gives Superman His Own Catwoman

Jon Kent finds a character who could shake up his entire love life.

DC Gives Superman His Own Catwoman

Jon Kent has been one of the latest additions to the world of DC more current. In fact, the evolution of Jon Kent throughout his time as Superman he has been very positive. The character has played well in his role as Superman and even he has had elements of the world of superheroes that have affected, above all, his love and sentimental life. So far, this has given his own nemesisa compelling love interest, and now, he might have given her a complication to deal with.

Jon Kent finds a character who could shake up his entire love life

Jon Kent he is the protagonist of the comic Lazarus Planet: Assault on Krypton #1 which has been made by CS Pacat, Scott Godlewski, Alex Guimarães and Andworld Design. Jon he’s trying to control his strange new powers while trying to save innocent lives. During his adventure he meets an interesting character named Ashan addition that could be interesting in your support group that could easily become the version of catwoman of the young Superman.

Catwoman went from being a simple thief to a major figure and even became Batman's romantic interest.

Catwoman went from being a simple thief to a major figure and even became Batman’s romantic interest.

the story called Electrical focuses on Jon Kent’s continuing attempts to help protect people during the chaos taking place in lazarus planet. However, a character named Ash begins to further complicate his day. In this context, the Lazarus volcano erupted Worldwide. The effect has a serious impact in the powers of Jon, leaving him weakened and even unstable on many occasions. fortunately for Jon, Ash It proves to be an ally throughout history on which to lean.

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After developing lava powers and the ability to fly, Ash he helps save Jon and even ends up going back to him to help people. Ash proves to be heroic and even resists the temptation to steal for himself during the chaos.

DC Gives Superman His Own Catwoman

Young Jon Kent assumed his role as Superman to defend Earth

After everything is about to end, Ash explains that his powers were temporary and she allows herself to be arrested, apparently having changed her mind thanks to Jon. But all this was just a hoax, since once Jon he leaves, Ash escapes from prison and even keeps Jon’s cloak as a souvenir.

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Since it became Supermanthe young man Jon Kent He has found a new support group but one that is curiously very familiar. In fact, damian wayne is your best friend and both reflect friendship that their parents have. Jay Nakamura could approach the figure of Lois Lane to Jon, a love interest and a fearless reporter capable of holding his own. Jon even got his own lex luthor in the way of Louis Rojas.

DC Gives Superman His Own Catwoman

Ash could become a new love interest for Jon Kent

Nevertheless, Ash could add some layers of depth even more interesting within their personal stories, particularly as a kind of catwowan of the young hero Like selina kyle, Ash has a cunning but ultimately noble side that could give him and Jon a convincing relationship indeed. Ash’s flirtatious nature and criminal record could compel Jon to choose between her interest in him and her role as a superhero.

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The addition of Ash to Jon’s orbit could also serve as a potential complication in Jon’s romance with Jaypossibly establishing a most curious and unstable love triangle. With Jon’s identity a secret again, any relationship you are in could quickly turn dangerous. Ash could be a great addition to the story of Jonwith the potential to become a love interest and bring a classic superhero drama to life for this fearless young man. Superman.

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