Dead by Daylight confirms improvements for The Skull Merchant after her bad first impression | we are xbox

It’s been a week since the Dead by Daylight’s new assassin landed on the PC test server of the Behavior Interactive title and the sensations were not good. Some highly specialized users of the asymmetrical multiplayer horror video game even went so far as to say that, in her current state, she could be the worst assassin on the entire roster. Now, in a quick reaction on her part, Dead by Daylight confirms improvements for The Skull Merchant after its bad first impression in the PTB. They have done so through a statement on their official blog where they have detailed the points in which the character has been improved and those that have remained the same.

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To summarize, these are the Main changes:

  • Removed the cooldown between being able to launch one drone and the next.
  • There will only be a cooldown to revive drones (12.5 to 10 seconds).
  • The activation of thrown drones is now 3 instead of 4 seconds.
  • A Survivor can start disabling a drone at 10 seconds instead of the previous 5.
  • Within a drone radius, the assassin gains Undetectable by 2 instead of 3 seconds.
  • Lock On duration has been increased from 30 seconds to 60 seconds.
  • Locator Traps have increased durability from 25 seconds to 45 seconds.
  • When checking her radar, the assassin will move at 4.4m/s instead of the previous 4m/s.

You can check the rest of the changes with respect to last week’s PTB in the official blog from Dead by Daylight, which digs deeper into The Skull Merchant and also explains some changes made to the new perks. However, these are the main modifications and they make it clear that Behavior has understood that the new assassin was way below par of lethality needed to be proficient in the game. The new DLC will arrive on March 9 in the final version of DbD.

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