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Dead by Daylight Mobile undergoes a relaunch that seeks to fix various problems | we are xbox

Both NetEase and Behavior Interactive, working together, announce that Dead by Daylight Mobile is undergoing a relaunch. This implies that, from now on, the game is on. open pre-registration status. Registered players are expected to receive cosmetic or similar rewards in appreciation of their support.


The good news is that the return of the famous asymmetric cooperative horror game will not be hard to come by. Dead by Daylight Mobile is expected come back this March 15 to Google Play Store and App Store. The reason for this cable collection has not been made official, but it is intuited that the Chinese company expected greater success from the game.

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Dead by Daylight Mobile undergoes a relaunch

Dead by Daylight Mobile undergoes a relaunch that seeks to update itself graphically and technically

The game managed to accumulate 28 million players, but from NetEase they believe that by investing in updating the game they will be able to attract more players. First, it is expected that at a graphic level it will be up to the most cutting-edge mobile games. The characters will receive a reissue, as will all the maps available so far.

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The clothes and hair, both of the survivors and the killers, will have better physics so that they respond in a more realistic way with the different elements of the location. The implementation of shading and dynamic lighting is also promised. It is expected a improved character control (as far as possible, considering the platform) along with fixes for the most common bugs.

In parallel with the biggest hits on the mobile market, Dead by Daylight Mobile will feature a battle pass containing unique cosmetic rewards. Each season will last two months. A leaderboard is also coming, and is expected to be updated every season. The game will return this March 15 along with its first seasoncalled Under the Stars.