Dead Cells exceeds 10 million copies sold

dead cells exceeds 10 million copies sold

Tom Henry

Dead Cells exceeds 10 million copies sold

Cells, copies, Dead, exceeds, million, sold

Dead Cells was easily one of my top game of the year candidates when it released in 2018, but I had to drop it to focus on other games after a while. Getting back to platinum earlier this year was very exciting. Not only because the game is still fantastic, but also because of the number of updates and expansions Motion Twin and Evil Empire have released over the years. And they have no intention of stopping.

The two companies have sent a statement in which they reveal that Dead Cells has already sold more than 10 million copies. This means that it has sold roughly twice as many copies in the last three years as it did in the first two.

Therefore, it is understandable that Evil Empire plans to release even more content until 2024, so there is no need to erase Dead Cells from your memory, because you will.

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