Dead Cells will also have its animated series

dead cells will also have its animated series

Tom Henry

Dead Cells will also have its animated series

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The game’s developer, Motion Twin, this week announced an animated series based on the game Dead Cells, the 2018 roguelike that has continued to grow with numerous DLCs over the years. Although the series has no name yet, a teaser trailer has been released along with some details about the series, the studio behind it, and the number of episodes that will be released at first.

The Dead Cells animated series will take place on the same unnamed island that appears in the game, the synopsis explains, and will be produced by Bobbypills, the studio behind the upcoming Far Cry 3 animated series, Captain Laserhawk: A Blood. Dragon Remix.

The Dead Cells series will be available in 2024, as the trailer suggests, but it won’t be immediately available worldwide when it first launches. Instead, it will be exclusive to France for an undisclosed period of time via French streaming service Animation Digital Network before being released elsewhere. When it premieres, Dead Cells fans can look forward to 10 episodes of around seven minutes each.

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