Dead Island 2 brings us 14 minutes of gameplay in which it boasts of being bloodier and more brutal than ever

We thought it was a fever dream, but Dead Island 2 was reborn last year, and has done nothing but boast with equal parts violence, gore, and fun ever since. launching At the end of the month that comes, the zombie game today comes to delight us with a new gameplay of 14 minutes long.

I was able to try it last year (and you can read my impressions of Dead Island 2 in the article I dedicated to it in Esports Extras), it left me that Dambuster was betting heavily on gameplay and funand that is just what you can see in the new video that the Deep Silver studio has shared.

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Apart from showing the zombies and how the game world works, the true protagonist of this new video is the arsenal that we can enjoy. From bladed weapons like katanas to a wide variety of pistols and other types of firearms, the center of Dead Island 2 is not the characters, but the experience of slaughter lots of undead. All these tools of destruction, moreover, will have your own modifiers.

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In addition to this, not only will you have to build your style around weapons and mods, but you will be able to choose and combine a lots of talents and skills to adapt to everything that the title is going to throw at you. There is a lot to scratch until you can create your ideal build in this game.

Another thing that we can see in more detail in the video is the use of FLESH, a procedural way of dealing with the dismemberments and the gore of the game that will allow you to tear your enemies to shreds. It is clear that Dead Island 2 wants to be a power fantasy for the most zombie killers.

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Despite its delay, Dead Island 2 is still scheduled to come out this year. Coming to PC April 21, does not get rid of the controversy by making an exclusive deal with the Epic Games Store. We still don’t know how long it will take to reach Valve’s platform, but what we can say is that it won’t be there on its premiere day.