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Dead Island 2 is now available for consoles and PC

After nearly a decade in development, Dead Island 2 of Deep Silver It’s finally available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, and PC. Under the development of Dambuster Studios, takes place in Los Angeles, now called Los Diablos, they are under a quarantine due to a new outbreak of the undead. As one of the six survivors, we must survive and try to escape the virus.

Dead Island 2 It’s not fully open world like the first game. Its levels are for large areas, we must cut zombies, find new weapons, modify them and kill more zombies. There are side quests to discover, collectibles to collect, and Apex Zombies to conquer, but that’s the whole gameplay loop.

Fortunately, the new FLESH system allows for incredibly visceral feedback. Mallets crush limbs and zombie skulls, blades dismember limbs, and more. Additionally, after being revealed to be immune to the virus, the player can use the new Fury mode to wreak havoc.

You can get more details from Dead Island 2reading our review for PS5 and PC in their respective links.

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