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Dead Island 2: The card system will make ‘the game different for each player’

Dead Island 2 have a system of customizable abilities that are represented by cards. Dambuster Studios, the developers of this gore-filled, zombie-filled first-person action-adventure, claim it’s the “most exciting addition” of the title, sequel to the game developed by Techland and published in 2011.

That tree of card skills is “one of the most exciting additions to the game, if not the most”, according to what they say. creative director James Worrall and narrative designer Ayesha Khan in a video posted by Game Informer (goes NME).


Worrall’s ability drop is a “collection of sockets that feature all sorts of different abilities, and you can put in and take out cards on the flywhenever and wherever you want.” “You can take a lot of risks with your equipment [debido a esto]”adds the creative director. “Sometimes it’s worth it, but other times it ends horribly wrong”.


Khan adds: “You can start, change your ability in mid [de una fase]and end up with different equipment, which is incredible.” The narrative designer ensures that these options allow “the game is different for each player”. “It really comes down to what you equip and what you do with it. Every developer I know plays differently.”

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The designer also points out that “the art [de las cartas] It’s amazing, they’re fun to watch”. Both developers have also confirmed that the game is set ten years later from the original. The choice of location, Los Angeles, is due to the fact that the place is full of “eccentrics” and people with “self-confidence”.

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Be available on April 28

Dead Island 2 rose from the dead last summer at Gamescom 2022, where it was re-announced by Dambuster Studios, who they restarted development in 2018 after the title, announced in 2014, passed through the hands of two other studios. After a short additional delay, the game will be available on PC, PS5, Xbox Series, PS4 and Xbox One on April 28.