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Dead Island 2 Trophies: Platinum comes with forced co-op

Dead Island 2 can be played not only solo but also in co-op and you have to for platinum too.

Dead Island 2 can be played not only solo but also in co-op and you have to for platinum too.

Attention platinum hunters: In the zombie title Dead Island 2 you can’t avoid co-op multiplayer if you really want to collect all 45 trophies and thus also the platinum. The list of achievements is now officially known and paints a clear picture.

April 23 update: We have updated the trophies with their German names. Besides, we also added the secret trophies with title and task at the end of the article. So if you don’t want any spoilers, ignore the last section.


All spoiler-free Dead Island 2 trophies

The complete Dead Island 2 trophy list is here. But as is always the case, some of the trophies have been hidden and marked “Secret” to avoid story spoilers. Here are all visible achievements:


  • Make a Mark: Complete 10 non-story quests
  • Ooh, how nice!: Find your first legendary weapon
  • zombology? Passed!: Unlock all zombie types in the Zompedia
  • Imposture: Collect a stack of 30 ability cards
  • Anti-Aggression Training: Slaughter 50 zombies with frenzy attacks
  • THIS is my weapon: Fully upgrade an exquisite weapon and equip it with a mod or perk in each slot
  • Hazardous Materials: Kill 100 Zombies with Caustic, Fire, or Shock damage
  • Broken Arm and Leg: Mutilate 100 limbs
  • Slayer Squad: Complete any 5 quests in co-op
  • I Am the Resurrection: Revive other Slayers 5 times
  • Coup de grace: Kill 25 zombies with an Enforcer
  • Crafty: Complete 5 blueprint challenges
  • Bonk!: Hit a zombie with a thrown melee weapon from 35+ yards
  • Apex Predator: Knock down 10 Apex variants
  • I Got a Zombie Army and You Can’t Harm Me: Perform 25 perfect defense moves


  • Rising Star: Complete 20 non-story quests
  • On Safari: Complete the first tier of each zombie challenge
  • Variety is the Spice of Death: Complete the first tier of each weapon challenge
  • Zombie Slice Mania: Complete the first tier of each combat challenge
  • Survival Skills: Complete the first tier of each Survivor Challenge
  • Hodgepodge: Complete the first tier of each exploration challenge
  • The Sharpest Tool in the Box: Complete 5 Wanted Weapons contracts
  • Desperately Missing: Complete 9 missing persons cases
  • Giant Keychain: Open 10 Cash Boxes
  • Bookworm: Collect 50 Notes


  • LA Influential: Complete 40 non-story quests
  • Maximum Headroom: Reach level 30

platinum (“Who Do You Voodoo?”) is only available once you’ve collected all the other trophies.

But beware! As I said, there are also the secret achievements that are not included here. What you see here is all there is to do outside of the main mission and story quest. If you really want to go all out and go platinum, you have to 17 more secret bronze and one gold trophy unlock. We have listed below what these are.

In Dead Island 2, platinum is only available if you also play co-op

To really get all the trophies, you have to complete Dead Island 2’s 24 main quests. In addition, numerous side quests, challenges, search messages and collectibles are waiting for you.


Compulsory Co-op for Platinum: As you can easily see from the achievements, you have to play for the coveted precious metal together with other people. However, 5 quests and revivals should actually also be quite easy to do with a random troop thrown together at random via online matchmaking.

All secret trophies


  • Welcome to Hell-A: Survive a plane crash, get bitten and create your first zombie-free zone
  • Hotel California: Fight your way through the Halperin Hotel and contact the authorities
  • Personally Assisting the PA: Find Michael and save him from the horrors at Monarch Studios
  • Grab Gutte!: Team up with Sam B and stock up on weaponry
  • Who has such friends…: Meet a mysterious…benefactress? Yes, that’s how she sees herself
  • dr Reed, I assume?: Survive the myriad dangers of Venice Beach and meet Dr. Reed at the Serling Hotel
  • But doctor, I’m just a clown: Kill a killer clown and bring Dr. Reed a blood sample
  • The truth about the truth: learn what you really are. Dark secrets are revealed.
  • Like Riding a Bike: Locate Patton and persuade him to fly you guys out of Hell-A
  • Subway Patton: Survive the subway system and make it to Hollywood Boulevard
  • Do it like this: Help Sarah and Sebastian light a sEsports Extrasof hope
  • Carnage Claw: Help an artist complete her greatest (and most disgusting) work of art
  • Go, Bobcats!: Reunite all VCLA Bobcats
  • Internet Friends: Complete Amanda’s click-catch quests. You won’t believe what happens next!
  • Distilled Humanity: Equip your first Numen ability card
  • Sickly: Reach the highest rank of Autophage Infection by equipping Autophage skills
  • Still Growing: Kill a mutator before it transforms


  • Our True Nature: Give up the chance to become human again.

If you want to reveal the description of the hidden trophies on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, you can do this in the trophy list via the options button. Hidden achievements can also be viewed on Xbox.

What do you think of the co-op requirement in connection with the platinum trophy?

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