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Dead Rising 5 gameplay and details leaked

The leakers do not rest and now gameplay of Dead Rising 5 which gives an idea of ​​what the game could have been. The Dead Rising series was one of the most beloved zombie franchises in the late 2000s and early 2010s. It took the novel concept of Dawn of the Dead “what if you were stuck in a mall in the zombie apocalypse” and turned it into a whole game.

Because the shopping center is full of zombies, all that remains is to fight them with everyday objects that we will find in a shopping center or make dangerous weapons with them. Each game expanded in scope and scale with the sequel being more of a small section of a casino complex before encompassing entire cities in subsequent sequels.

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Unfortunately, the series started to lose its luster due to various reasons, which resulted in the studio behind the series being shut down. With that closure Dead Rising 5 was also removed. However, we have some new pictures and in-game information that sheds some light on what we missed.

According to the video gameplay, the protagonist of Dead Rising 2, Chuck Greene, would be the protagonist again, possibly before the events of the second game, since he seems a little younger. The game seems to have taken the location from a jungle of some sort, probably outside of the United States, which would have been a first for the series. Players would have been able to find contextualized crates to loot instead of finding trash all over the ground and would have had the chance to raid camps with enemy gangs, leading to the final boss, much like Pablo Escobar.

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All of this stuff appears to be from 2017, so it probably would have been quite early in development, since Dead Rising 4 it released in late 2016. Whether Capcom will ever bring back Dead Rising is a mystery. It sounds like the company knows the franchises it wants to invest in, but reboots and remakes are common practice these days, so no one knows.