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Dead Space Remake: At what time is it unlocked and how to play it for 15 euros on PC

Today is a da marked in red on the calendar for those of us who like horror games since it is the launch day of Dead Space Remakethe resurgence of one of the best survival horror of all time which comes with a very special remake that not only modernizes its graphics but also adds various tweaks and improvements to its playable formula.

If you are PC gamers, you are probably wondering from what time can you play it on your computer and the answer to that is simple, since on PC, both in the application of EA App (formerly known as Origin) as in Steam either Epic Games Store can be played from 17:00 USAtime.

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Indeed, if you still don’t know if the game will work on your computer you can consult by clicking here the minimum and recommended requirements of Dead Space Remake which, by the way, will use the Denuvo anti-piracy system and will be compatible with technologies such as DLSS 2 on the computer.


How to play Dead Space Remake for 14.99?

There is also the possibility that one of you really wants to play Dead Space Remake but maybe you want save a few euros or you can’t buy it right now because of the scary January price tag. No problem because in Vandal we are going to tell you how to play it for 14.99 thanks to the EA Play Pro service.

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EA Play Pro is a exclusive subscription to the Electronic Arts EA App on PC and allows you to play a lot of EA titles in addition to being able to enjoy the most recent releases from the American company, including this highly anticipated Dead Space Remake which, in this case, has an EA Play Pro Edition that includes all the content of the Digital Deluxe Edition in addition to an exclusive aesthetic object for subscribers of this membership.

To subscribe you only need to have a PCinstall the EA App and follow the steps below:

  • Click on this link to go to the website Dead Space Remake – EA Play.
  • coming down a bit you will see two optionsEA Play and EA Play Pro, we will choose the secondthat is, this
  • We select the monthly payment plan for 14.99 /month (There is an annual option but since Dead Space Remake lasts about 10-12 hours we believe that one month is enough).
  • We finalize the purchase following the steps on the screen.
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With this, You can now play Dead Space Remake for 14.99 . Yes, it is a subscription and it is not the same as having the game, but it is the cheapest way to be able to enjoy a dream remake right now as we told you in our analysis.