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Dead Space Remake sports almost photorealistic graphics on PC with an RTX 4090 | we are xbox

Dead Space Remake has finally gone on sale and is sweeping both the specialized critics and sales. And it is that this recreation that comes to us from EA Motive not only expands the playability of the original title, but also boasts absolutely revolutionary graphics in many aspects, especially in its lighting, which is made up almost entirely of dynamic lights, with some impressive results.


And from Digital Dreams, where they are true video game audiovisual content artists, they wanted to show us in this video, where with an RTX 4090 and ray tracing they teach us that Dead Space Remake sports almost photorealistic graphics. Take a look below.

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Dead Space Remake sports near-photorealistic graphics on PC with an NVIDIA RTX 4090 graphics card and ray tracing

The video has been rendered at no less than 8K resolution, and from digital dreams they have moved a PC with the most cutting-edge parts of the moment and an NVIDIA RTX 4090 graphics card, a graphics card almost bigger than an Xbox Series S and with the highest raw power that exists today among commercial graphics cards.

Dead Space Remake is now on sale for Xbox Series X / S, Playstation 5 and Microsoft Windows. With this title, the previous generation of consoles is left behind, and quite justified, since it seems that the title squeezes the power of the new generation of consoles, which even fall short in terms of current resolution standards. For the rest, you can read our analysis of Dead Space Remake through this link.


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