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Dead Space Remake: ultra enticing gameplay, a point on the info

Dead Space Remake is not expected until next year but is remembering us with a new trailer, gameplay snippets. We also take stock of the contributions of this version.

When it releases on January 23, 2023, Dead Space Remake won’t have to shake up survival horror like it did in 2008, but will have to transcend itself by respecting and improving Visceral Games’ vision for the game. It seems very well done!

Dead Space Remake, a pillar of survival horror

Much more than a visual update

Although the series has deviated from its path over the episodes, with a third installment less loved due to its strong tendency for action, the first installment is still remembered. And it is in this capacity that Dead Space Remake wants to do as well and even better.

For this, the EA Motive teams have been keen to remain absolutely faithful to the original. If the general content is identical, the visual aspect is radically different. From one scene to another, the title is unrecognizable like the passage where we have to reactivate generators. This time, the sets are certainly more detailed – thanks to the latest generation Frosbite Engine – and more elements feed an environmental narrative absent from the original. It is also one of the places that benefit from the flexibility of movement in weightlessness with 360° management inherited from the two following opuses.

But the app will also surprise with a whole system called Intensity Director. Thanks to it, the developers dynamically adjust the visual effects of the environment (light, smoke, etc.). In a decontamination sequence, we feel more this feeling of being locked up with an enemy who can “disappear” under the effects to better jump on us later by taking us by surprise. A system that also allows you to change the spawn points of Necromorphs and the way they attack Isaac.

Another modification and not the least, this remake was thought of as a long sequence shot with the removal of any loading or camera cutoff to keep the player glued to the controller and in order to have an immersion ” unprecedented “. Teams also reserve new areas to explore.

A hero more alive than ever

The story of Dead Space Remake will be the one you have known but with several small twists. First, the introduction of narrative elements from DS2 and DS3 to deepen the lore from the start. Isaac Clarke also found a voice, that of the actor Gunner Wright who doubles the protagonist in the second and third episode.

The brand new ALIVE system will translate the mental and physical state of our hero. This program gives us feedback on Isaac’s breathing and heartbeat, and includes dialogue and other spoken sounds. Just running, getting into a tough fight, or losing oxygen will have effects. In the event of a jumpscare, the dread will be felt in Isaac’s new voice. A voice that will be affected according to the state of fatigue of our survivor according to three degrees (normal, tired or injured). Similarly, the resumption of oxygen will no longer “make a video game” in the sense that Isaac now catches his breath gradually and not immediately.

A more gory game, an improved sound design

The more gore, the better, right? You will normally be served. Because now, each shot of your weapons is able to tear the flesh of the necromorphs, their muscles to ultimately shatter their bones. To see if, in the heat of the action, all this will really be detectable or not.

The soundscape of Dead Space Remake will also enter a new dimension via different technologies or processes such as audio occlusion / obstruction and 3D audio. Concretely, the sounds take into account the position of the hero, obstacles or types of materials. If you are facing a metal door with glass on the side, sounds will play through the glass and not the door. The weapons have also been overhauled for better sound reproduction. For example, the plasma part of the plasma cutter is more precise than in the original.

New weapon upgrades

Want a more advanced plasma cutter or assault rifle? Dead Space Remake hides new improvement items whose nature is still secret…

Our in-house gameplay snippets


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