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Death Stranding already has a date on PC Game Pass to enjoy Kojima’s work in its poorest version

Sometimes, play cluelessness It can go wrong if the clues you leave behind are as obvious as Microsoft’s with Death Stranding. We understand that the release of Kojima’s latest work is not a new release per se, but it does give non-Steam players the ability to play it “for free”. After 2 weeks of updating the Twitter profile picture with a very obvious photo of Norman Reedus’ adventure, Microsoft has confirmed the date of Death Stranding in PC GamePass.

The semi-contemplative and post-apocalyptic work of the Japanese will finally reach the catalog of Microsoft’s digital service, but it will be PC exclusive, while console players continue to wait. So, Death Stranding will arrive on PC Game Pass in just 3 days: the next August 23rd. However, there is a second bad news and it is that, apparently, we are missing the possibility of playing Death Stranding in its most complete version.

If we look at the official page of the game in the Microsoft store and the description of the Redmond blog, there is no mention of the Director’s Cut version that landed on PC on March 30. If so, we are talking about the same edition that came to PS4 in 2019 and to PC in 2020, without the extra content Y the additional missions. This is extremely curious because Death Stranding on PC would have, from next Monday, 2 different PC versions since both Steam and the Epic Games Store discontinued this edition in favor of the Director’s Cut.

That said, Death Stranding on PC Game Pass will feature some improvements from the Director’s Cut edition:

  • support for ultrawide monitors.
  • The photo mode from the director’s cut.
  • Rate of images per second unlocked.
  • Content of half-life.

A divisive game and very curious in the playable and narrative, which has re-created controversy between the players. If we look at the responses of many in social networks, many do not understand why the game has not come out on consoles as it did in the two generations of Sony. At the moment, Microsoft has not commented on some curious decisions and changes, although in the news on their blog they anticipate a question section Y answers with everything you need about the game.


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