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Death Stranding confirms its launch on PC Game Pass: Kojima’s game will soon arrive on the service

After several days hinting at its arrival, the once exclusive to PlayStation is heading to the Microsoft platform.

The clues are over! microsoft has confirmed a few minutes ago that Deah Stranding will arrive very soon on PC Game Pass, the version of its successful subscription service for consoles on computers. Specific, will be available this coming August 23coinciding with the celebration of Gamescom 2022.

We are very excited to connect more players with this world505 Games“For those who don’t know, Death Stranding is all about the importance of connections; we are very excited to connect more players with this world and this community that is really wonderful. In recent years, we have been fortunate to interact with so many players and host multiple community events through our social channels. Soon PC Game Pass members will be able to join these activities!” Announces Antonela Pounder, from 505 Games, in a statement shared through Microsoft’s Xbox Wire medium.

Death Stranding, which a few months ago was updated to its Director’s Cut on PC, will allow Windows 10 & 11 players to enjoy the video game with all the improvements they would expect: ultra-panoramic mode, photo mode, higher FPS, etc. for what we are before a complete experience with the development of Hideo Kojima. Additionally, the PC Game Pass edition of Death Stranding will include various cosmetic items. Other details will be offered later from 505 Games.

Death Stranding

“Director’s Cut on PC offers all the extra content of the PS5 version while boasting performance as solid and well optimized as its previous version on PC. An ideal excuse to return to Hideo Kojima’s open world game in your PC, or to get into it for the first time,” said fellow member Martín Amechazurra in his latest Death Stranding analysis.

Death Stranding first hit stores for PS4 in 2019, being Kojima’s first project after his breakup with Konami. Kojima Productions is a 100% independent company, but since the “Social Strand System” premiered under Sony Interactive Entertainment edition A stir had originally been generated on social networks about the possibility of seeing it on PC Game Pass.

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