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Deconstructeam announces The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood, coming to PC and Switch this year

deconstructeam announces the cosmic wheel sisterhood, coming to pc and

The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood is he new project from the USAstudio Deconstructeam. It has been officially presented today with a first trailer that, in addition to letting us see what the video game is like, has also given us information about its launch: arrive this year to PC and Switch by Devolver Digital, the publisher that has published the studio’s previous games (The Red Strings Club and Essays on Empathy).

Below you can see the first trailer of The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood:


what is The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood?

The official description of The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood explains that we are facing a “narrative adventure of building tarot decks in outer space” which “explores themes of identity, community, and personal responsibility in a beautifully handcrafted universe.” The hallmarks of Deconstructeam are there: in the decisions, in the exquisite graphic section, in the originality of the proposal… But it can also be understood as an evolution, in quality and quantity with respect to previous studio projects.


We have already tried the new Deconstructeam

In vandal we have already been able to try The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood in a face-to-face presentation event. In our impressions we tell you that “he promises to introduce us to a casting of characters to rememberface decisions that leave us several minutes looking at the screen weighing their consequences, raise issues and ideas that are rarely touched on in a video game, allow us to plan our deck construction to influence the story rather than to win games, and take out our creative vein when designing the art for those cards.”

The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood Coming to PC and Switch in 2023. Under these lines you can see a galley with images of the project.