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Deep Rock Galactic will have a spin-off for one player

Ghost Ship Publishing has announced three new titles coming to Steam Early Access, marking the company’s first games to be released under its banner.

The first of the three games is Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor, a single-player auto-shooter based in the same universe as the original Deep Rock Galactic. Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor will be released at end of this year.

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SpellRogue is a dice-based roguelike with deck-building mechanics, and is the second game released by Ghost Ship Publishing. The third and final game is DarkSwarm, a 4 player cooperative action game.

We are very happy to present our first three titles as a publisher”, has declared Søren Lundgaard, CEO of Ghost Ship Games. “Each developer and project has its individual origin story, but all have in common open development, flexible game design, and consumer-friendly business models. All of this fits perfectly with our goals for Ghost Ship Publishing.”

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Ghost Ship Publishing wasn’t revealed until last month, but it looks like the team behind Deep Rock Galactic have a long-term plan to create exciting new indie titles. You can find more information about Ghost Ship Games here.

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