Del Piero, the 25×85+ envelope or the choice of Icon?

Tom Henry

del piero, the 25x85+ envelope or the choice of icon?

In a very short time it will be possible to reach this last election.

What to pick at Season Pass Tier 40: Del Piero, the 25x85+ pack, or the Icon pick?
What to choose at level 40 of the season pass

we approach the Metamorphos event ending with his third squad. These green cards will say goodbye to Ultimate Team for this year after leaving us content as striking as the group of missions that rewards one of the best full-backs in the game or the Player’s Choice 86+ and the 7x 85+ Improvement.

However, with the departure of the last promotional team, and the arrival of a new promotion called Levels Up, the shapeshifters will not disappear completely, since we will continue to have your season pass for a few more days.

All the users that we have updated the objectives that gave us experience we are close to completing this season, if we haven’t alreadyAnd with that comes the time to make one last decision. Probably the hardest of all.

After choosing between Park Ji Sung or the 25×84+ booster at level 20 and doing the same at level 30 with Kroos Shapeshifter or the 30×84+ booster, the decision this time it will be three way between Del Piero Trophy Titans, a 25×85+ pack or a choice of Icon.

From the Piero Trophy Titans, the 25×85+ envelope or the Icon choice?

What to pick at Season Pass Tier 40: Del Piero, the 25x85+ pack, or the Icon pick?

We will have to choose between Del Piero Trophy Titans, the 25×85+ envelope or the choice of Icon

Starting with the iconic player, the Italian has a very interesting letter in which his shot and dribbling stand out. With 98 finishing and 94 long shot the only thing we can blame Del Piero for is his 89 shot power.

In the dribbling section, the former Juventus player disappoints a bit. With just 80 balance and 88 agility this letter may fall a bit short in this regard. Of course, in his pass (with 92 short pass) stands out his quality to execute the faults with 94 accuracy.

What to pick at Season Pass Tier 40: Del Piero, the 25x85+ pack, or the Icon pick?

Del Piero Trophy Titans Stats in game

Finally, we are obliged to mention the poor physique and rhythm of this player. With 69 strength will lose all melee up front and their 89 acceleration and speed they fall too far behind at this point in the game.

For us, this option would be the first one we would rule out. Despite the fact that it still costs about 400,000 coins on the market, we believe that players, both from SBC and promotional teams, shapeshifters are ahead of Del Piero.

What to pick at Season Pass Tier 40: Del Piero, the 25x85+ pack, or the Icon pick?

These forwards are at the level of Del Piero

Our next option in this election is the 25 player pack with 85+ rating. This pack is very tempting and we may find it very useful both to complete future Squad Challenges and to look for a card from the promotional team. For us this option is mandatory if we have the club somewhat empty.

Finally, we find the Icon Choice 90+. This Player Pick includes the Top, TOTY, FUT Anniversary and Trophy Titans versions. It may seem very tempting, but the first thing to keep in mind is that a a large number of the letters that can come out are obsoletelike Del Piero.

The interesting thing about choosing this reward is the possibility of getting a TOTY version like Ronaldinho or Gullit or a Trophy Titan like Zidane or Ronaldo Nazário. We talk about very small possibilities, but that exist.

That’s why, Our advice is to choose based on what we need. If we have a full club and we are not going to need more stockings for the little time that remains, we consider that it would be best to take a chance with the Icon Pick. However, it seems to us much more reliable the envelope in most cases, because even if it doesn’t go wrong, we will still get a great reward.

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