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DELELELELE WHOOOOOP! Hatsune Miku chooses Kricketune as Bug-type Pokemon Trainer!

delelelele whooooop! hatsune miku chooses kricketune as bug type pokemon trainer!

We continue to receive more content from this collaboration, which is related to a beloved and protected franchise. It is effectively Pokemon.

In the post you have below, we can know a new official collaboration image with the virtual singer Hatsune Miku, focused this time on the type Bug and Kricketune and designed by Megumi Mizutani. You have the previous ones here.

We remind you of the details offered:

  • The collaboration will leave us with 18 musical songs
  • They will include Pokemon sounds
  • They will be launched from September 29thalthough before, from September 4 to 28 (Monday to Friday) the Pokemon of each of the 18 types that Hatsune Miku would choose will be shown in the form of special arts
  • The name of the collaboration is Project Voltage
  • Here you have the image published today:


What do you think? Don’t hesitate to share your opinion in the comments. Remember that you can consult on the website all Pokemon games for Nintendo Switch (2023).


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