Denuvo points to another controversy and its new functions could make mods on PC difficult | Top News

denuvo points to another controversy and its new functions could

Tom Henry

Denuvo points to another controversy and its new functions could make mods on PC difficult | Top News

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That denuvo is the king of anti-piracy methods you can’t argue, but that doesn’t mean it’s popular. Under accusations of hurting the performance of PC games, the DRM created by Irdeto’s subsidiary the enmity of the players has been earned. Now the new version of him seems to be getting tougher, but he can bring with him a fatal limitation on PC: disrupt the modding scene.

And there is nothing more unique and indigenous to PC gaming than putting mods in games. The last update of Denuvo, according to their own technical notes, could make this would be so much more difficult without the support of the developers, at least if the game uses Unreal Engine.

Denuvo could have conflicts with mods on PC

It has been a message posted on the Denuvo official Twitter account the one who has raised all the alarms. “We are introducing the functions of protection and verification of integrity of Unreal Engine for Denuvo at Gamescom” reads the message. The attached statement is where things get ugly.

According to the official statement, this new type of security would further shield the games, making access to their files much more difficult to achieve. Of course, this function would make piracy had more problems, but it would also affect legitimate users who need to have access to certain parts of the game code to create their mods.

The light at the end of the tunnel here comes purely from the developers who took these steps. If they wanted to promote their modding community, they would have to offer official tools for content creation, something that not all companies do. At the moment, since this is not implemented in current titles, we can’t know for sure the ramifications that this new protection will have, but it is possible that we are facing a difficult time for one of the most powerful communities on the PC.

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