design similar to the iPhone 14 with a lower price

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design similar to the iphone 14 with a lower price

Apple has been launching devices of all kinds: smartphones, tablets, PCs, laptops and even smartwatches. In all cases and even the official accessories that Apple sells, the prices are much higher than what other brands usually offer. However, there are some small exceptions such as the cheaper iPhone SE. We have been about a year and a half since the iPhone SE 3 was launched and now new leaks indicate that the next iPhone SE 4 will have a desEsports Extrasinspired by iPhone 14.

Until recently, the iPhone 14 was considered Apple’s newest mobile, although this changed recently, because From September 22 you can buy the iPhone 15. But going back and focusing on the previous model, the iPhone 14 turned out to be quite disappointing. It’s not that it was a bad phone, it has good performance, the battery lasts a long time and the cameras are good, but we mean it’s not what we expected. He iPhone 14 was launched to replace the iPhone 13but when it arrived, we saw that they were practically identical. There were hardly any improvements and on top of that it was sold for 1,099 euros, 100 more than the previous model.

The 4th generation iPhone SE will have a modern desEsports Extrassimilar to that of the iPhone 14

Apple iPhone 14 hands

What the iPhone 14 has also maintained compared to the 13 is its designwhere we have some edges quite fine with a notch considerable at the top. This desEsports Extrashas turned out to be quite effective, as users who usually use Apple have liked it. As we already know, the company has been making progressive changes to its smartphones since the Apple 1, where the screen was only 3.5 inches and the edges were much larger.

The iPhone 14 has aluminum aerospace quality and this in itself gives it a more premium appearance to justify that high price. However, not all Apple iPhones cost 1,000 euros or more, because that is why we have their SE range. These bring a older designalthough they retain the same processor so they are the best option for those who like retro aesthetics. However, this will change now, as the upcoming iPhone SE 4 will no longer have the old design, but will instead be based on the iPhone 14 itself.

The SE 4 will bring USB-C and an action button, as well as a 48 MP camera

Apple iPhone 14 Pro COVID China Production

This iPhone SE 4 with code name Ghost, it will not be exactly the same, since it will bring some differences. One of these is the USB-C port which as you know is totally mandatory if they want to sell their phones in the EU. On the other hand, they will come with the new button action that we saw in the iPhone 15. This can be customized by users to perform different functions. With the desEsports Extraschange, it is also expected that the screen will make a significant leap, going from LCD and Touch ID to OLED with Face ID.

All this seems too good to be true, since we remember that the iPhone SE third generation has a starting price of 529 euros, practically half of what the normal iPhone costs. If the iPhone SE 4 maintains the same price it could cannibalize sales of top models, especially considering the change in desEsports Extrasto a more modern one. However, it is time to talk about the negative and that is that the back of the iPhone SE 4 will only include a cameraprobably from 48 megapixels.

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