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Destiny 2: Ancient Exo-Shotgun is the ultimate weapon against bosses right now – “Use it, Bungie doesn’t work weekends!”

destiny 2: ancient exo shotgun is the ultimate weapon against bosses

If you’re looking for new ways to defeat raid bosses in Destiny 2 and have a bad connection, now is the time to take a closer look at an ancient Exo shotgun. A new Cheese currently allows you to multiply damage invisibly, allowing you to take down even the toughest bosses.

This Exo is about to be deactivated: After the announcement of a new cheese in Destiny 2, the community is certain: The exo-shotgun “The Fourth Horseman” is about to be deactivated.


The exotic shotgun from Season 10 with 4 shots for the energy slot and arc damage has become known for invisibly trebling your damage to dungeon and raid bosses in a very short time. Over 200,000 damage can easily be dealt with in one damage phase – and only by one player.

If players also have the Exo Shotgun Catalyst, it adds a 5th bullet to the magazine and also improves reload speed, allowing you to get even more damage out of it.

It is quite possible that players will not be able to exploit this gap for long because Bungie usually quickly prevents such blatant advantages. But the community quips, “Use it because Bungie doesn’t work weekends!”


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How does the new Cheese work? In order for you to be able to use the Cheese, you must meet several conditions.

  • On the one hand you need the exotic shotgun, preferably with a catalyst. However, you can buy these directly from the “Monument to the Lost Lights” if you have enough material.
  • The Masterwork Catalyst drops randomly from Strikes, Gambit, and Crucible matches.

The last condition, which is a guess, says the Cheese is due to a connection error, as streamer CheeseForever explains:

This bug essentially triples the amount of damage it should deal in some cases. My friend was able to use this problem every time. But I could never get it to work. I even tried different frame rates. Which leads me to believe it’s a connection error. A bad and therefore slow connection is the reason why [dieser Cheese] functions.

CheeseForever explains the damage output of the Exo-Shotgun in his YouTube video

This means players who might otherwise be at a disadvantage in the game because of their connection are now the biggest damage dealers in the endgame with the right shotgun.


If you want to try the trick yourself to see if it works for you, check out CheeseForever’s video.

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That’s how hard the Exo Shotgun now hits bosses in Destiny 2

How to Use Cheese with The Fourth Horseman

The trick is relatively simple: First, equip a normal shotgun. Then you switch to the exo-shotgun “The Fourth Horseman” and fire it at the boss. This shot removes some of the boss’s health in a similar way to the previously known glaive “Winter’s Bite” bug.

  • Even if the damage is not directly visible from the damage numbers, the boss enemy’s health bar still shows that you have caused incredible amounts of damage.

To increase the effect, you should apply a weapon buff and debuff beforehand. In addition, you can also use Lunafactur Boots to do even more damage.

This is the best part of the trick: You can’t use this cheese only once. If you toggle between a normal shotgun and the Exo-Shotgun five times, you can exit the menu to trigger the bug again. So you can multiply the damage until you run out of ammo.

Has Bungie commented on this yet? No, Bungie Support is still silent on this new bug. While players have joked that Bungie doesn’t work on weekends, of course that’s not the case.

The developer is also busy on weekends and has also recently shown a fairly quick response time when disabling things like the glitch for farming legendary shards.


So players should assume that this beneficial, albeit apocalyptic, damage bug is no longer usable in the game.

When was the last time you used the Fourth Horseman shotgun? Is the cheese now a reason for you to dust it off? Tell us in the comments. Or would you rather wait for Bungie to finally announce a new game that’s more modern and fresh?

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