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Destiny 2: Armory Boss Becomes the New Fashion Queen – Sells shaders that Guardians have long wanted back

After yesterday’s turbulence, everything has calmed down again in the loot shooter Destiny 2. Bungie also continued to push the mood with good news about the upcoming DLC ​​”Lightfall”. Players can expect not only an improved in-game economy. Ada-1 is also being retrained. She used to have the best weapons, now she’s officially becoming a fashion queen.

What did Destiny 2 announce? Last night Bungie announced more news for the upcoming Season 20 and the dazzling DLC ​​”Lightfall” on its website. The info included sweeping changes to the in-game economy, which are surprisingly user-friendly.


In addition, there was still cool good news for all fashion fans in Destiny 2. Ada-1, the former boss of the Black Armory, will soon be the top port of call for Guardians who like fashion and colors. Bungie is completely converting their range to fashion, the true endgame in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 releases the first fashion magazine even I would read

Instead of mods, she will offer you shaders from Season 20, which have not been available for some time. For a long time, the community had wanted old shaders to be available again in other ways, and this has now been fulfilled.

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But be aware, this exclusive fashion is not cheap and very rare:

  • Guardians must exchange 10,000 Glimmer for a shader at Ada-1
  • In addition, the new fashion queen will only offer three shaders per week
The new fashion queen from Destiny 2 invites you to go shader shopping from Season 20

What shaders are on offer? With the launch of Lightfall, Ada-1 will be stocking old Destiny 2 shaders that “haven’t been available for a while.” Among them will be highly coveted and animated variants such as “Bergusia Night” or “Satou Tribe”. But old faction shaders are also making a return.

If you have no idea what they look like, the player mrmadmaxman has created a practical overview in the Destiny Reddit.

MrMadMaxMan listed all upcoming shaders on the Destiny Reddit

What else did Bungie announce: For all those who don’t like colorful shaders and clothes in Destiny 2, there will be an improved in-game economy from Season 20.

  • No more Umbralgrams
    • The ever-present Umbral Engrams will disappear from Destiny 2. They are again replaced by their predecessors, the Seasonal Engrams. If you still have Umbral engrams in your inventory from Season 20, you can still have them decrypted by Master Rahool.
  • Weapon focus will be expanded
    • With Lightfall, Wardens will also be able to obtain more weapons and armor through engram focusing than ever before. So then both twilight weapons at Commander Zavala and legendary equipment sets from the Crucible, Gambit, the Vanguard and even in the Iron Banner are possible.
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In Destiny 2 Lightfall, in addition to wielding lassos, Guardians will need plenty of Glimmer

This is how expensive focusing gets: Targeted focusing in particular will soon give players more direct choices than ever before. This way, new players can also get an old Trials armor set. However, it will also cost them 7 Trials Engrams, 100 Legendary Shards, and 10,000 Glimmer each if.

So it won’t be cheap. The cost of focusing can only be reduced if you have previously obtained the item from the loot pool.


For example, an unobtained Nightfall weapon costs 7 Vanguard Engrams, 100 Legendary Shards, and 10,000 Glimmer. However, if you already have them in your collection, channeling only costs 3 Vanguard Engrams, 25 Legendary Shards, and 25,000 Glimmer.

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Twilight ciphers are also new: For Frontrunner Dawns, Bungie will introduce special ciphers that allow for improved, deeper focusing.

  • Players can earn Nightfall Ciphers by completing Platinum or Gold status Leaders. Platinum grants 2, gold 1, and silver 0 ciphers.

Commander Zavala will have the rotating Master Dusk weapon ready to focus each week. This then costs 3 Vanguard Engrams, 50,000 Glimmer, 50 Legendary Shards and 10 Master Nightfall Ciphers. Dusk weapons must be acquired at least once before they are available to be channeled.

On Bungie’s website, players can see the exact armor and weapons that Bungie will have in store for the Season 20 subclasses.

What do you say about the fact that you will soon be able to get old shaders back? And what’s your take on the cost of focusing? Appropriate? Or too expensive? Please tell us in the comments.

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