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Destiny 2: Eclipse introduces the new string subclasses in the latest trailer

Today, Bungie released a trailer introducing the new String subclasses, the newest Darkness subclasses, coming with Destiny 2: Eclipse. The trailer shows the guardians using their rope abilities throughout the neon city of Neomuna.

New Rope Super Abilities:

  • Swarmer Sorcerer: Storm of Needles

    • As they float through the air, the wizards launch waves of rope-piercing missiles. Upon hitting enemies, missiles detonate and transform into rags that chase nearby targets.

  • Berserker Titan: Blade Fury

    • Titans weave large blades for their arms as they march across the battlefield using light and heavy attacks. Light attacks allow Titans to slice through their enemies quickly and build up energy for the heavy attack. With the latter, they swing their blades to launch projectiles that suspend and incapacitate enemies on impact.

  • Tightrope Hunter: Silk Attack

    • Hunters weave a string dart to attack their enemies. With the light attack, they launch the dart forward against a single enemy. Hitting an enemy with the tip of the dart deals additional damage, and defeating enemies this way causes them to explode. With the heavy attack, they swing the rope dart in a wide area, dealing damage to nearby enemies.

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Thanks to the ropes, all classes have access to the new ability, the grappling hook, which will allow players to travel through Neomuna to take on the Shadow Legion. Destiny 2: Eclipse will be released on February 28.

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