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Destiny 2: Eclipse is now available

Bungie has launched a few minutes ago the new expansion Destiny 2: Eclipsethe penultimate chapter of the current Light and Darkness saga of destiny 2where the guardians will meet the wicked Shadow Legion forcesexplore a secret city hidden on the surface of Neptune and discover a new subclass Based on Darkness: The Bind.

Eclipse opens together with season of resistance, in which the guardians will have to answer the call to arms of Mara Sov and the queen’s guard to investigate the outposts of the pyramids that have appeared all over the planet and resist against the greatest enemies of humanity. Additionally, Guardians will have the opportunity to delve into the Resistance Battlegrounds, a new three-player activity that will be available with the new season. This time, they will have to use their new sleepless powers to open portals to the Ascending Plane and challenge the Legion of Shadows.


These are the news of Destiny 2: Eclipse

These are the main novelties of the new expansion:

  • Tie: is the new elemental power of destiny 2 that comes from the Darkness and allows the guardians to access the cosmic threads of the universe to unleash powerful attacks. Each Guardian class uses the tether in a different and unique way, and all can take advantage of the new hook ability, which greatly increases their movement both in and out of combat.
  • Neomuna: This neon-lit city of Neptune is the ultimate destination for Destiny 2. Neomuna, now under siege by Calus’ Shadow Legion, is also home to the Guardians’ new allies, the heroic Cloudwalkers, who protect the city of the invasion
  • legend campaign: Legend campaEsports Extrasmode returns with Eclipse. Designed for those players who want to experience the fascinating history of destiny 2 as they put their skills to the test and earn better rewards.
  • Customization of equipment and modifiers: New tools for gear and mod customization make the process faster and easier than ever. Players can easily view and place new mods through a single mod customization screen. Equipment and mods can be stored in slots that can be accessed on the fly.
  • Mentions and guardian level: Eclipse comes with a couple of new social systems that aim to encourage friendly play and teamwork, as well as help players understand each other’s skill level and experience. With the mentions, players will be able to send a series of prizes to the members of the squad after completing activities together. The guardian level gives a quick visual summary of the skill level and experience of the person in question. Players will be able to level up their Guardian by receiving Commendations and completing in-game activities.
  • Terminal overload: In this new activity, the guardians will have to repel the attack of the Vex and the Cabal, who are trying to flood the Neptunian city with their troops.
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The new raid arrives on March 10

As usual, this new expansion will have a new RAID or raid, entitled Root of Nightmares, and that it will open its doors on March 10th at 6:00 p.m. “A disturbing presence has been detected from a place and time unknown. The Guardians must confront this ancient threat that grows on our doorstep.” With the launch of the raid, Bungie’s competition to crown the first squad in the world to complete it will also kick off. Each member of the squad that is declared the winner will win a unique belt of the first in the world, as well as the recognition that comes with receiving the title of first in the world. A few days after the launch of the raid, the name of the winning team of the world’s first will be officially announced.

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