Destiny 2: Everything about the DLC “The Final Form” from 2024 and the big showcase

destiny 2: everything about the dlc "the final form" from

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Destiny 2: Everything about the DLC “The Final Form” from 2024 and the big showcase

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The great story of the Light and Darkness saga in Destiny 2 will culminate in 2024 with the DLC “The Final Form”. Since Lightfall Season 21, the Guardians have known what the witness is up to. But it will not be decided until 2024, in a hopefully epic final year, whether they can save the universe. MeinMMO reveals what is known so far about the new DLC and its big showcase in August 2023.

This article was last updated on August 17, 2023 with the latest Showcase teaser trailer.

What is The Final Form? The Final Form is the final DLC in the Light and Darkness saga for Destiny 2 to be released on all platforms.

For as long as Destiny has existed, the forces of light and darkness have existed.

  • The traveler as a “silent god” with his counterpart the “veil” are silent beings that have already helped many species to a prosperous future.
  • The witness stands against them. A multi-existence manifestation of an ancient species that seeks to destroy the light with the help of the dark in order to shape the universe to their will. Because in their eyes the light is just the chaos of existence and that needs to be removed.

The goal: A form of the universe created according to the ideas of the witness, which will be the subject of the last DLC of the saga “The Final Form”. However, the witness also endangers everything contained in it. So not only the Earth and the Guardians, but also the worlds of their allied races.

Bungie has announced that its first 10-year saga of Light and Darkness will end in 2024 with a “dramatic finale.” This teaser trailer offers a first taste of it:

Destiny 2: Teaser trailer for the DLC “The Final Form”

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Destiny 2: “The Final Form” release – the most important things in brief

  • What version is this? The Final Form is the final expansion of the Light and Darkness saga in Destiny 2, to be released on all platforms.
  • When is the release date? There is currently no exact date. But if Bungie doesn’t change its rhythm, “The Final Form” could celebrate its release in late February or early March 2024.
  • What can I expect? Not too much is currently known about the content of the DLC.
    • However, it will most likely be about saving the universe, or at least trying to stop the witness from doing what he is doing.
    • Bungie has also revealed good news for many players: Destiny Cayde-6’s greatest gunslinger will return in a manifestation especially for this.
    • And Ikora also seems to play a bigger role in the last DLC.
  • How much will the last DLC of the Light and Darkness saga cost? This is also still unknown. However, should Bungie orientate itself again towards the DLC “The Witch Queen” or “Lightfall”, then the all-round carefree annual pass package with all 4 seasons, 1 raid and 2 dungeons would be around 100.00 euros (RRP) cost. It only gets more expensive if you buy everything individually.
  • Is this the end of Destiny 2 then? No. Bungie has answered this question very clearly: “We have no intention of abandoning Destiny. […](via Reddit) And maybe the Vex will get a bigger role in the Destiny universe after the last DLC.

More details on this information and what we know so far about The Final Form can be found later in this post. We will also keep updating this article with the latest information for you.

The DLC “The Final Form” should end dramatically.

“The Final Form” Release Date – When will there be concrete information?

When is release? The exact release date for 2024 of “The Final Form” is not yet known. However, as always, Bungie will unveil this in a big showcase and you can be there live.

Interested players will be able to see the first concrete details about “The Final Form” and Season 22 in a live stream, as well as a preview of the future of Destiny 2.

Here is the first trailer for the showcase:

This is the exact schedule:

  • The showcase begins on August 22, 2023 at 5 p.m. with a pre-show.
  • The official part will start at 6:00 p.m. and Bungie will present the latest details about the upcoming Season 22 and “The Final Form” for 1 hour.
  • The Destiny 2 Showcase will be held in English. But the players in Germany can turn on the subtitles for the channels.

Can you see the showcase here? You can watch on August 22 from 5:00 p.m. via Twitch, YouTube, TikTok and Bilibili.

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The Guardians will follow the witness

Destiny 2 “The Final Form” storyline

The Endgame of Existence: While the current Lightfall DLC only prepared players for what to expect, The Final Form will mark the definitive, final conclusion to the 10-year Light and Darkness saga in its storytelling year.

And that should be a dramatic conclusion, which still leaves a few questions unanswered.

The Traveler has been a feature of Destiny since 2014. Ever since players have been playing Destiny, it has always been there. From him they have their powers and he has technologically advanced not only the earth but also other worlds and bestowed them with his dumb gifts.

destiny guardian travelers
The endgame in Destiny 2 is approaching

But in the meantime the traveler is in serious trouble, because the witness wants to use both him and his counterpart the veil for his project.

Since the witness, the being of many beings, believes he has recognized the truth in the darkness of the veil, he knows only one goal: to create the “perfect universe” and bring it into its “final form”. Of course, in a form that is supposed to replicate the entire reality in the way you want. Whether that’s good or bad, you don’t know.

It doesn’t seem good for the traveller, however, because he has been fleeing from the witness for millions of years, so that he cannot carry out his plan.

But at the beginning of “Lightfall” he couldn’t escape anymore.

The witness tried every way to achieve the needed connection of the two counterparts. And in the end it was the Guardians who unsuspectingly brought him closer to his goal than ever before. He used their spirits against the Traveler and initiated the merging with the Veil, the Traveler’s dark counterpart.

In Lightfall, the Witness achieved the merging between the Traveler and the Veil.

Since then, the traveler has stood motionless above the earth. And the light of the keepers has also dimmed. Nobody knows whether he might not already be dead. And most importantly, the witness is now out of reach. For he has passed through the triangular portal in the Traveler with his fleet, leaving the vanguard and their allies powerless before it.

In “Lightfall”, the next two seasons will now reveal how to proceed.

  • Thanks to Ahsa and Sloane, the Vanguard found out in Season 21 that the witness isn’t invulnerable. He is not the darkness. He only uses them.
  • Ahsa also revealed to the Guardians that her “old friend” Savathun, the Witch Queen, could most likely show them the way to follow the witness.
  • Zavala sees bringing Savathun back from the dead as the only way, and is now determined to do just that. Immaru, Savathun’s spirit, could make this plan possible.

So the upcoming seasons of “Lightfall” could still be interesting. Especially if we actually meet the witch queen again.

And Bungie revealed to our Destiny author in a roundtable interview: From seasons 22 and 23, the start of “The Final Form” is really steep.

We’re not done providing answers and reveals in the seasonal content before The Final Form. There will definitely be more things that came out of Lightfall and more things that came out of the Veil activity, [in den letzten beiden Seasons von Lightfall] answered. These answers come. They exist and […] it is a structure of descent and then entry into final form.

explains lead narrative designer Nikko Stevens in an interview with MeinMMO

Lightfall intentionally experimented with new storytelling systems to tell different types of stories in order to shake up the structure of Destiny 2.

Keepers should always be surprised with interesting details. The “Season of the Deep” alone will drop several “story bombs” for this. Including the origins of the Witness, more details on the Veil, and even the all-important reveal about Savathun that teases what’s to come next.

What after “The Final Form” comes, but is uncertain: However, Bungie often speaks here of the great Destiny universe. After “The Final Form” they want to break new ground so that more players can grasp and understand future game worlds more easily.

However, “The Final Form” will definitely be the last chapter in the saga of light and darkness and it will also form the basis for the future of Destiny 2, or rather the basis for a new Destiny universe that will also exist after 2025.

It was recently announced that Luke Smith and his longtime production partner Mark Noseworthy are currently responsible for this expansion of the “Destiny” brand. So their mission for the future is “to think about making Destiny a universe that […] endures and will endure beyond a single MMO project.”

Mastermind Luke Smith talks Destiny 2’s future: Need to “get the engines running again”

It is unclear whether Bungie can also keep its stuck veterans with it. Because they are currently no longer willing to invest much in their former favorite game.

The focus is also on new, fresh casual players who are still discovering Destiny with bright eyes and are unencumbered. The path to the new Destiny universe is already paved for you with less grind, casual activities and a more understandable story.

Alongside Destiny, however, Bungie will also be pushing its future as a multi-IP developer. And here, too, a lot is already known about what is to come in addition to the final form and the new universe:

  • Bungie announced the PvP game “Marathon” at the PlayStation Showcase in May 2023, which will continue the game series of the same name from the 90s. It’s a sci-fi extraction shooter.
  • And Bungie is still working on a multiplatform 3rd person action game with multiplayer levels, currently called Matter. It is said to be heavily focused on PvP battles and the e-sports landscape, as well as offering live service.

What do you think of the information? What makes you particularly curious and what would you like to see in Destiny in the future? Or have you long since finished with Destiny – no matter what comes next? Let us and other readers of MeinMMO know in the comments.

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