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Destiny 2 “Guardian Games 2023”: find out how to participate and what rewards you can win

destiny 2 "guardian games 2023": find out how to participate

The Guardians are ready for the biggest friendly competition in destiny 2. Running from May 2 to May 23—the date the Resistance Season ends—Games of the Guardians 2023 is an opportunity for Hunters, Wizards, and Titans to compete for honor and glory. Additionally, Bungie will also carry out the Guardian Games Cup 2023 and we will tell you how you can participate and what are the rewards.

How to participate and what rewards are there in the Guardian Games 2023?

guardians cup rewards

Eva Levante, the main event host, once again welcomes Guardians to ask about the Guardian Games quest and your class item. The guardian class that deposits the most medallions will be crowned the winner of the day. Yes, medallions are your most important currency for the event, and you will earn them in a number of ways.

  • Activities that earn you low-level medallions (bronze or silver) include quick-play Gambit and Crucible matches, anything from the Vanguard playlists, as well as most Neptune and Challenging Battlegrounds activities. To earn High Tier Medallions (Gold and Platinum), play Nightfalls, Raids, Dungeons, Competitive Crucible, Trials of Osiris, or Challenging Battlegrounds of Legend.
  • Purchasable contender cards that award gold medallions. You can only carry two Contender Cards at a time. One for blows and Gambit and another focused on the Crucible.
  • Platinum Cards award Platinum Medallions and like Contender Cards, you can only have two at a time.

Guardian Games 2023 Rewards

  • taraxipo – The first Legendary Rope Scout Rifle in the game.
  • Title – The Void SMG returns with a few upgrades including its favorite perk Repel Clamp.

How to participate and what are the rewards in the Guardian Games Cup 2023?

This year the Guardian Games Cup is open to all teams of players from Destiny 2: Eclipse. To register, one of the two categories, you must follow the following link. In the Technique category, Bungie will track the total number of medals earned by each team entered into the Guardians Games Cup 2023 Destiny 2: Eclipse. Medals will be counted during the three weeks of the Guardian Games (May 2-23). The charity category will track the total amount of donations raised from each team’s official page on the Bungie site.

Guardian Games Cup 2023 Rewards

  • The first place in the technical category will receive a custom illustration of their team by PherianArt.
  • The top two teams in the technical and charity categories will win a Guardian Games pendant.
  • First place in the charity category will receive a custom artwork of their team by Gammatrap.
  • The top three teams in the technical and charity categories will win the apricot Alba emblem.
  • The top four teams in the technical and charity categories will win discount codes to trade in the Bungie Store.

This year, with the intention of reaching more people and having a global impact, the proceeds of the Bungie Foundation will be donated in equal parts to Direct Relief and the International Rescue Committee.

Source: Bungie press release