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Destiny 2 Guardian Games event is now available

destiny 2 guardian games event is now available

Guardian Games is Destiny 2’s friendly competition that takes place between Hunters, Wizards, and Titans, encouraging them to compete with their favorite class for honor and glory. The event will be in-game and is free. It starts today and runs for three weeks, until May 23, when the Season of Resistance ends.

Players will earn medallions for completed in-game activities and the chance to play the class version of the popular Supremacy PvP mode. As they read Prepare for an even fiercer Crucible.


Participants will be able to win two Guardian Games weapons:

  • taraxipo – The first Legendary Rope Scout Rifle in the game.

  • Title – The Void SMG returns with a few upgrades including its favorite perk Repel Clamp.

In addition, they will get free Guardian Games event card. After completing the challenges, they will get decorative rewards that include new Exotic Emotes, the new Champion Title and Bonus Triumphs. The event card can be upgraded to 1000 silver coins and instantly unlock additional rewards.


We invite Guardians from around the world to gather their squad and participate in the Guardian Games Cup where, in addition to competing, they will raise funds for charity.

Teams will compete in categories Technique and charitable. In the technical category, the total number of medals obtained during the competition is monitored. The charitable category tracks the total amount raised through the team’s Bungie Foundation account over the same period of time.


The first four teams in each category will receive tempting prizes, such as:

  • First place in the technical category will receive a custom illustration of their team by PherianArt

  • First place in the charity category will receive a custom artwork of their team by Gammatrap

  • The top two teams in the technical and charitable categories will win a Guardian Games pendant ($200 value)

  • The top three teams in the technical and charity categories will win the apricot Alba emblem

  • The top four teams in the technical and charitable categories will win discount codes to trade in the Bungie Store

In addition, they will get a prize for participating in the donation:


This year, with the intention of reaching more people and having a global impact, the proceeds of the Bungie Foundation will be donated in equal parts to Direct Relief and the International Rescue Committee.

For more information on the Guardian Games and how to participate in the Guardian Games Cup, you can read the blog post.