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Destiny 2: Guardians are no longer as resilient after a faulty patch and therefore die faster

The Guardians in Destiny 2 may have lost their resilience after a faulty patch. Some players are reporting that their stats no longer provide the expected damage resistance, making the game more difficult. Now it’s wildly calculated.

Here’s why resilience is so important in Destiny 2: For those unfamiliar, resilience stats in Destiny 2 represent a Warden’s damage resistance. The higher the resilience, the less damage enemies will deal.

  • Resilience is hugely important for any Warden wishing to survive difficult challenges.
  • Those who can withstand maximum loads, i.e. with a value of 100, can withstand at least 30% more.

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The resilience is so buggy: Since last Tuesday’s midseason update, several players have reported that their resilience stats don’t appear to be working correctly. They reported having a noticeable difference in damage resistance that doesn’t match the expected value.


The player n3ws4cc opened a Reddit post and asked the Destiny community if this was just his impression.

I don’t know if it’s a resilience bug or an FPS thing or an enemy damage thing but since the update everything hurts. […] everything [Schwierigkeitsgrad] Legendary and higher is now super frustrating. […]

the player n3ws4cc describes the problem in Reddit

Other guardians then responded to his posting and said that they also had this impression. Like the Lankygit player. He commented: “That explains it. This is probably the most important bug in the patch []as it affects all levels of play and becomes more important as the difficulty of the content increases.”


Players bet on resilience errors: It is almost certain that this is a resilience error.

Some players shared videos and test results where they experimented with resilience and damage resistance mods. It becomes clear that there seems to be “no difference in their performance so far”.

However, one must note that there is also the option that a change in the patch, for example an old mod combination that has not worked since then or too many mods that can no longer be stacked, could also affect the resilience of the affected players.


What does Bungie say about the issue? Bungie Help, the Destiny developer’s official support account, has already spoken under the Reddit post. There they said that they had not yet determined this, but that they wanted to use the information from these player tests to initiate an investigation with the Bungie team if necessary.

However, that is the only response so far. No patch or fix has been officially released yet. Accordingly, one has to wait and see when Bungie’s official channels will announce more about this.

If you’re also noticing resilience issues, unfortunately there’s not much you can do right now other than wait and hope for a fix from Bungie. Some fans have also suggested avoiding certain hard activities until the bug is fixed.


Or you can take part in the tests on Reddit and support Bungie and the community in finding the error as quickly as possible.

Have you noticed similar experiences with resilience? Or did you not notice that at all because you are not currently in the endgame? Write it to us in the comments.

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