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Destiny 2 Guardians return next week

destiny 2 guardians return next week

Like every year in the spring, Bungie honors the three classes that make up Destiny 2, in the form of an event called The Guardian Games. Now that we are almost in May, and the studio has announced that this event will start next week, and that it will start specifically on may 2.

This year’s event will be similar to previous ones, sending players on a quest to complete activities and earn Medallions representing the class they play as, all with the goal of earning the most Medallions per class at the end. of the Games on May 23, hoping to be crowned this year’s champion. Essentially, it’s the same as House Cup in the world of Harry Potter.


This year’s event will mark the return of Title(Void SMG with perk repulsor booster), and you will also see the introduction of the taraxipo, the game’s first Legendary Binding Scout Rifle. It will also bring a new version of the Supremacy game mode, which will allow players to queue up only Guardians of their respective class, for class vs. class action. Of course, you’ll also be able to earn Medallions and reputation for your class by participating in a ton of other Destiny 2 activities, and not just PvP.

The event card will also be here, which means that if you’ve completed the Solstice, Festival of Lost, and The Dawning cards over the past year, you’ll also be able to get the rare triumphant title.

The Guardian Games is a free-to-play event, which means you don’t even need to own the Eclipse expansion to access this content. The event will last until the end of Season 20 on May 23, so be sure to get involved and represent your class.

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