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Destiny 2 has to lay off employees, the extent of the layoffs is still unclear

destiny 2 has to lay off employees, the extent of

Today it was announced that Bungie, the developer of Destiny 2, has been hit by layoffs. Bloomberg and former employees reported this on social networks. However, the exact extent of these measures is still unknown.

This is how the layoffs became known: Today, layoffs at developer Bungie surprised both the gaming community and the industry. How Bloomberg on Twitter/X announced.

The exact extent is still unclear. Bungie CEO Pete Parsons apparently informed affected employees of their termination ahead of a team meeting today. Since then, several ex-employees have reported their situation on social networks.

  • So tweeted Liana Ruppertnow ex-Community Manager of Destiny 2: “My heart breaks for everyone affected… I’m now looking for options“. In addition to her, another position in the community area, Sam Bartley, was saved.
  • Also Griffin Bennettex-social media lead chimed in: “I was fired from Bungie. It’s surreal writing as I sit here thinking about what went wrong. I’m still processing it all, and even though my first instinct is anger, I know I would regret what I would say.[…]

The developer of Destiny 2 is another PlayStation-owned studio affected by such a wave of layoffs.

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Other studios are also affected: Some reports suggest that this measure is part of a restructuring, while others point to economic challenges.

The job cuts also come in a year in which publishers such as Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, Take-Two and Embracer laid off hundreds of employees, merged teams or closed entire studios.

  • Microsoft had its own round of cuts earlier this year, most notably at Bethesda and 343 Industries.

Allegedly, however, Bungie is currently mainly making layoffs in the communications area, as no Bungie developers have yet publicly commented on their termination.

What does the future of Destiny 2 look like now? In addition to Destiny 2, Bungie is currently working on other projects, such as the extraction shooter Marathon. The current developments also raise questions about the future of Destiny 2 and the new projects. It is also currently unclear how many employees were laid off in total.

So far, neither Sony nor Bungie have commented on the layoffs and changes. However, the gaming community is eagerly awaiting more information about the future of the studio and its projects.

If new information emerges in the near future, you will be informed about it on MeinMMO.


Epic was only recently affected, so that it had to part with 830 employees for cost reasons: Steam rival Epic fires 830 employees and sells a windfall in Fortnite on the same day