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Destiny 2 hides an important location in Lightfall that only veterans will recognize

Bungie likes to hide a lot of secret things in DLCs and locations for players to discover in Destiny 2. However, even before the release of the new DLC, fans have found references to the return of familiar things that only “Destiny 1” players know.

What was found? News site DestinyBulletin tweeted a comparison of a scene seen in Bungie’s latest ViDoc. In this, a half-open automated steel door was shown.

This door was seen in the Lightfall ViDok – on the right you can see the Ishtar Collective logo

For newcomers, this door will not mean much at first, but for Destiny 1 veterans, this entrance will bring back memories with its distinctive icon on the right.

It is almost the same door from the Ishtar collective on Venus. Additionally, there was a well-known shot of a female statue in the Lightfall interactive trailer, which is also located on the Ishtar Collective compound. However, this was removed from the trailer.

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The Ishtar Collective and their Vex

What does the Ishtar collective stand for? The Ishtar Collective and its academy on Venus have been involved in research surrounding the Vex and their actions in Destiny. They studied these robots on behalf of Clovis Bray, trying to figure out how they work and how they relate to the Black Garden.

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In Destiny 1, however, only ruins remained and players had to make their way through missions and a strike in the academy’s overgrown grounds.


It is interesting to note, however, that the Guardians had their first encounter with the Vex in the library of Ishtar Academy. And also in Lightfall, an omniscient and supposed Lightfall Exo has a Clovis logo, which could also indicate the connection.

What could this notice mean? These clues leave a lot of room for speculation. Players may need to head to Venus to find out important information about the Vex.

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Perhaps this will provide more information about the important “veil” that the witness seeks for his evil machinations and that is said to be hidden on Neptune.

However, it could also be that Journey to Neptune was a project by the Ishtar Collective that Clovis Bray directed. There’s not too much to say about it yet, but it’s a mystery that players will be able to unravel no later than the release of Lightfall on February 28th.

What do you think of the door and the statue? Do you think Bungie has an Exo mission planned that will require players to go to Venus again? Let us know your guesses in the comments!


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