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Destiny 2 is dressing up before the expansion: Lots of great news to win back players

There’s a lot of good reason to be excited in Destiny 2, as Bungie not only improves the loot shooter, but also provides some teasers for the upcoming Lightfall DLC. We’ll show you what the developers have prepared so far.


What’s coming up soon in Destiny 2? It’s almost that time, because in less than 5 weeks Lightfall, Destiny 2’s latest DLC, will be released. As Guardians eagerly await February 28th, Bungie is getting the community in tune with upcoming QoL changes. In addition, more and more new information regarding the new destination “Neomuna” is published.

This also includes the latest trailer for Neomuna and how Guardians heat up with their Sparrows:

Destiny 2 Lightfall: The New Trailer “Neomuna”

Upcoming changes will make Destiny 2 more enjoyable

What changes are coming? For guardians, the upcoming changes before Lightfall are particularly interesting. These adjustments include:

  • The complete removal of blue engrams upon reaching the soft cap
  • Rumble will no longer rotate as a PvP mode, but will be active as a fixed, permanent mode.
  • Year 3 Exo Catalyst quests will now also benefit from the Season Pass Boost. This includes:
    • Eriana’s oath
    • symmetry
    • Tommy’s matchbook
    • drought gatherer
  • Crafting for Exo Glaives will be simplified
Crafting the glaives will be easier

But that was not all. In particular, Guardians who love to play around with mods to create wacky builds will find it easier in the future in Lightfall. Bungie wants to completely banish the armor elements and also the elements of various mods. It should be clearer and, above all, easier to build your special build.

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In addition, Wardens can save up to 10 builds per character, so players have the right gear for every situation.

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Champions should also be easier to defeat and be stopped with Lightfall without the additional equipment of champion mods. The artifact will take on this task in the future and ensure that you can passively disrupt, overload or stop. This gives you more space to refine your build.


Lots of good news for the launch of Lightfall, but is that enough? The changes we’ve listed are just the tip of the iceberg. Bungie has a lot planned to ensure Guardians can continue to enjoy their gameplay through QoL changes in the future. Nevertheless, it remains to be seen how content will be planned in Lightfall and whether it will be well portioned and remain challenging.

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Witch Queen got off to a strong start with a gripping storyline and challenging missions, but these weren’t enough to sustain the arid seasons that followed. It remains to be seen what the developers have planned, but until then, enjoy the upcoming changes.

How do you feel that Bungie has rolled up its sleeves and is making changes that have been needed for years? Do you think Bungie is doing this extra to generate hype or is there really a big plan behind it to give the loot shooter a fresh start? Please leave us a comment!


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