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Destiny 2 is renovating the tower in Lightfall to finally honor a special character after 4 years

In Destiny 2, a conflict is raging on two fronts – on Earth and Neomuna. But even in the Last City, a special surprise awaited the returning Guardians in the form of a memorial that was overdue for 4 years. MeinMMO takes you into the past.

Here’s how Destiny 2 surprised its players: Destiny 2 Guardians currently have their hands full. There is a war raging on two fronts that must be won. Both on Earth and in the new Lightfall location Neomuna.


The tower, the main social place in Destiny 2, is still standing and has not only been renovated in Lightfall, but has also become a place of community. Enemies became friends and so you can now do your Guardian business there between Kabalen, Eliksni and the Awakened.

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But in what is now the most beautiful corner of the renovated tower, Bungie has finally set a monument to a once very popular NPC of the loot shooter that has been overdue for 4 years – Cayde-6.

No longer to be overlooked: the new memorial for the former fighter vanguard Cayde-6

This is what his memorial looks like: After the initial battles, the Guardians flew back to the tower only to be surprised by Bungie’s “remodeling work.” The old tower has been renovated and a few of its holes, which testified to the last battles, have been patched up.

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In a newly created area, right next to the Vanguard Commander, a small idyllic corner has been created and a tree has been planted. There is also the 4 year overdue monument of Cayde-6. Players were also able to hear multiple voicelines about him from surviving NPCs.

The new monument is a bust with a plaque showing his weapon, the ace of spades. His name “Cayde-6” is written underneath on the concrete and he is now more present for everyone than ever. Because so far there have only been very hidden memories of him on the tower.

  • A reminder was the Ace of Spades plaque before going to Zavala. But it was so inconspicuous that Guardians carelessly walked over it.
  • The second was at the ramen shop in the marketplace at Ikora. But here, too, you had to know exactly where to look because there was no further explanation.
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The Ace of Spades is the trademark of Cayde-6 in Destiny 2

What Fans Loved About Cayde-6: The Forsaken DLC in Destiny 2, the very first expansion, is long forgotten and with it one of the greatest gunslingers that has ever existed in the loot shooter.

As a Hunter Vanguard, he last worked in the Tower alongside Zavala and Ikora in 2018. He never liked the job, but he still looked after his hunters with great dedication.

His trademark: the ace of spades. Both as a symbol and as a weapon. To this day, the Ace of Spades, Cayde’s exotic hand cannon, remains one of the top weapons in the game that a lot of players appreciate.

To this day, the ace of spades is a weapon that many players appreciate

Though Cayde served with the utmost dutifulness, he always yearns to get back out there, away from the tower…to be a free hunter. But his duty seldom enabled him to do so.

But Cayde-6 wasn’t just fast with the gun. He didn’t fall flat either, and was considered a “prankster with a heart” in Destiny. He always had a casual saying that made many players smile and didn’t take himself too seriously. Whether in strikes or story missions.

With his exo charm, it’s no wonder that many Destiny fans quickly took to his heart. And the one where he never wanted to be a hero.

Here’s how Cayde-6 was killed: The Destiny gunslinger was not only brave and adventurous, but also completely crazy and daring. And that’s exactly what cost him his life in 2018 in the Forsaken DLC. He just wanted to mess around with Petra Venj in the prison of the elderly. But that backfired, how could it be otherwise. At that time, even the guardians could no longer change his fate and had to witness how he was executed.


Basically a gunslinger who had to die to become a hero:

Destiny 2: Cayde-6 – Once from hero to break clown and back

It was arguably one of the most dramatic moments in Destiny 2 when Cayde was killed with his own weapon at the hands of Uldren Sov, who was then possessed by the Darkness. Now known only as the Crow in Destiny 2, Uldren Sov regrets what he did. Even if some veterans will never forgive him until the end of the universe.


In this context, the personal message from Krähe, which one can listen to as a keeper at the monument, is particularly ironic. There he says:

I wish I could have met him…

says Crow in a voice line at the Cayde-6 Memorial

In a way he already has – just not personally, but deadly with the help of the Ace of Spades handgun.

The most dramatic moment from Forsaken: Uldren Sov (aka Crow) kills Cayde-6

NewLight Guardians don’t know Cayde-6 at all: In 2023, hardly any Guardian knows the tragic fate of Cayde-6. Many players do not know what to do with him and his name. You know neither his fate nor him. But apparently Bungie wants to change that in Lightfall.

Is there a Cayde comeback after all?

Here’s why Bungie might want you to know about Cayde-6: With the memorial, Bungie draws attention to a dead character again after 4 years. You have to ask yourself: Why?

  • It could just be a special gesture to grant the veterans a long-held wish.
  • Or else Bungie has plans for Cayde and that makes it imperative that as many players as possible have heard his name before.

Whether there will be a comeback or not – only time will tell. In Lightfall, the guardians still have 4 seasons with fresh content ahead of them. And in “The Final Form”, the last DLC, there will certainly be a few more “good-old stories” to be told. Maybe even with particularly popular characters.

Did you know Cayde-6? And what do you think of the idea of ​​the memorial? Was it long overdue or not worth mentioning? Write it to us in the comments.

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