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Destiny 2: Players lose titles and triumphs after update – server offline, rollback not excluded

After today’s update, many Destiny 2 players were shocked to discover that some of their titles and triumphs had disappeared. It lacked both prestigious degrees and seals, and even catalysts. This not only caused a huge flood of player reports, but also a second server down, which will probably last several hours.


What happened after today’s update? At first everything looked fine after the planned update in Destiny 2. At 6 p.m. sharp on January 24th, players were able to log in as usual and explore the new Weeklys. However, they noticed that their collection was blinking. Usually this only happens if there are triumphs that haven’t been clicked away yet.

On closer inspection, however, they found that not only one or two new triumphs had been added, as suspected. But on the contrary. A large number of many triumphs were seemingly unintentionally reset during the update.

  • Some players reported via reddit that after update they only have half of the triumphs they used to have.
  • Such prestigious titles as the raid triumph from the Last Wish raid “Petra’s Run” or the full Enlightened Seal from the raid “Garden of Salvation” were also missing.
  • According to further reports, the advances in catalysts for exotic weapons are also affected.
Triumph moments 2020 title Destiny 2
The triumph bug came as a shock to many keepers – the titles cost them tons of time

Destiny 2 responded promptly to the feedback via Twitter. Despite this, players are very worried about their achievements. They are what a Guardian and his skills are. Some of these triumphs take a lot of effort and effort to even get them.

Bungie then said it was investigating the issue. As a result of the error, the ongoing background maintenance was initially extended to 11:00 p.m. from 7:00 p.m.

Shortly thereafter, the message followed that the servers had to be switched completely offline again in order to carry out further tests. A few minutes later, around 8:00 p.m., the Destiny servers went offline for the second time on January 24th.


Destiny 2 is going offline as we investigate an ongoing issue causing certain Triumphs, Seals, and Catalysts to lose progress for players. Wait for updates.

shared Bungie via Twitter his players with

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Players missed their hard-earned Destiny 2 triumphs after the update

The reason for the error is not yet known: All we know for now is that the last update included a few Triumph-related changes. Since there were no adjustments to Telesto, it’s possible that those same Triumph adjustments had unintended consequences. (Patch Notes for Update

  • Progress is now tracked on various Triumphs and Challenges for Legendary difficulty.
  • Fixed an issue where the Glorious Title icon did not match other seals.
  • Fixed an issue where the Ritual of the Season triumph was progressing with Heavy Grenade Launchers instead of Pulse Rifles.
  • The Season of the Haunted gear triumphs “Forge Opulent Weapons” and “Nightmares Take Shape” now properly credit weapon shaping.
  • Step 7 of the Revision Zero quest (The Form of the Hidden) now properly credits weapon shaping.
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How long will the servers stay offline?

It is currently not known how long Bungie will need to fix the problem.

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Destiny 2 will initially remain offline while investigating possible clues to missing triumphs, seals, and catalysts, as well as further testing. It was also announced that a schedule would be made available as soon as possible. Until then, players will no longer be able to log into Destiny 2 to gamble.


As soon as new information is available, we will update this article for you immediately.

Server rollback probably not excluded: some players, like CrazyDragon, suspect that Bungie may not be able to avoid a server rollback. At least this could ensure that players get their seals back. However, Bungie has not yet confirmed whether this is really necessary. One hopes to get the problem under control in this way.


Are you also affected by the Triumph bug? How many triumphs are you missing? Or did you not even notice the error? Leave us a comment here on MeinMMO.

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