Destiny 2: Streamer jokes about frustrated players because they despair of a boss

destiny 2: streamer jokes about frustrated players because they despair

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Destiny 2: Streamer jokes about frustrated players because they despair of a boss

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In the last few days, Destiny 2 has developed a discussion that again splits streamers and players into two camps. It’s about whether a dungeon boss just has too much life or whether the players just don’t know how to play it.

Players have to nibble hard on this: A recent thread on Reddit reignited discussion within the Destiny 2 community as to why the boss in a 3-player activity has more health than a boss in a 6-player activity.

  • The thread refers to the last boss of the Spirits of the Deep dungeon and reflects the thoughts and problems of many Destiny players who continue to be tested by this dungeon.
  • He also suggests that the excessive boss health must be the reason why this will probably be one of the least played dungeons.

Streamers disagree: However, this debate also showed the different perspectives between players and streamers. Because they have a different opinion, show how it’s done and throw in that it’s all just “DPS-101 stuff” and nothing more.

Here you can see the dungeon boss that divides the community:

Destiny 2: New dungeon “Ghosts of the Deep” from Season 21 brings the ghoul into play

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Streamers scoff at lack of player expertise: “That’s DPS-101 stuff.”

Streamer shows how to do it right: After a new Reddit thread about the boss from the Spirits of the Deep dungeon received renewed attention, one of Destiny’s most well-known streamers, Datto, took to Twitter to speak out. He also shows a clip in which he and his team kill the dungeon boss in a phase with rocket launchers and comments:

Rockets have been meta for so long. Come on people. That’s DPS-101 stuff!

Datto comments on a Reddit thread

He suggests that mastering such a challenge should actually be part of the basic knowledge in Destiny 2. In addition, there are many streamers who think that the challenge of a resilient boss is what made a dungeon in Destiny 2 exciting again.

Datto makes it clear that understanding and applying DPS strategies and teamwork is an essential part of Destiny 2. So players should rather refine their tactics and most importantly know the current weapon meta in the game and not play what they always play.

You need to play the meta that’s in front of you, not the one you’d like to have.

explains Destiny streamer Datto to his Twitter clip

His streamer colleague Gladd, on the other hand, prefers to be sarcastic and responds to Datto under the post as if he were a player who is just too stupid to use a rocket launcher.

Do you have instructions on how to launch/reload such a rocket? looks complex

jokes Gladd under Datto’s tweet

His statement refers to the perceived simplicity of Destiny 2’s Rocket Launcher DPS mechanics, which has become second nature to experienced players like him, while arguably presenting too much of a hurdle for less experienced players at the moment.

“Don’t play endgame if you’re not ready for it”

Not every dungeon boss is as difficult as the one from “Spirit of the Deep”

Casual players are at a disadvantage: However, such comments are of little help to the players who find themselves in this crosshair of mockery. They continue to groan under the huge health bar and jittery boss in the Spirits of the Deep dungeon.

The question is whether it’s the players themselves or the boss’s unyielding difficulty.

SouthNorth_WestEast blames Bungie more and comments:

I love the dungeon but the health and shields are just ridiculous. It seems Bungie’s dungeon philosophy (at least due to Pillar of the Warden and Spirits of the Deep) is all about forcing you into as many DPS stages as possible.

the player SouthNorth_WestEast comments on his casual experience in the dungeon

Some players also noted that not everyone can master the game at such a professional level, be it due to lack of time, experience, equipment or simply different priorities in the game. Finally, streamers are part of the 1% of players in Destiny 2 who naturally don’t have a problem with it.

Other players, like OhhLSSJdon’t understand why players then go into the dungeon and gamble at all: “Why are you doing endgame activities if you’re not ready for endgame activities?” he asks.

Even if the mockery of the streamers in this discussion is certainly meant to be humorous. However, it carries the risk of taking away the fun of the game for frustrated players. Especially when a boss has as much life as this one.

On the other hand, this is still endgame content and getting there simply requires certain prerequisites, such as good builds, appropriate meta weapons, and successful tactics. Therefore, some also find: If you don’t use these things and don’t develop in the game, it’s your own fault.

This is what Bungie says about the challenge in the dungeon

Our Destiny writer spoke to Brian Frank, DesEsports ExtrasLead at Bungie, about the fact that the boss has so much life in this particular dungeon and that players are complaining about it. And he doesn’t worry about the abilities of all Guardians in Destiny 2.

There should be that tension between boss behavior and the time it takes to resolve [seine Schilde] to break through. So, given the conscious decision to attune to the Fireteam, we saw solo flawless play as one of the most challenging accomplishments in Destiny and wanted to establish and preserve that as an aspiring achievement.

We know that players will develop their strategies and that we will make adjustments to the subclasses or whatever to give them more tools. So we took a bit of a leap of faith by doing this tuning ahead of time so it’s there for players to navigate and achieve.

We’re not worried about players potentially being able to come up with combos later on, in terms of damage or strategy.

explained Brian Frank, DesEsports ExtrasLead at Bungie

We want to know your opinion on the debate between streamers and players about the dungeon and its challenge in Destiny 2. Do you think this humorous taunt is helpful or do you think it’s just off the mark? Feel free to tell us in the comments – also how your experiences in the dungeon are now.

In Season 22, some bosses in Destiny 2 could no longer be placed with rockets but with blades, because this knife does a lot of damage:

A weapon gets the most elaborate upgrade Destiny 2 has ever made, doing nasty melee damage

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