Destiny 2 The Final Form: first trailer reveals that Cayde-6 is alive

destiny 2 the final form: first trailer reveals that cayde 6

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Destiny 2 The Final Form: first trailer reveals that Cayde-6 is alive

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During the PlayStation Showcase 2023, Bungie shared the first trailer for the final formthe last great expansion of Destiny 2. This expansion will conclude with the story that Bungie began in 2014 with the first installment of this franchise.

What does the first trailer reveal? Destiny 2: The Final Form?

In the new trailer for Destiny 2, Ikora—the vanguard sorceress—has somehow managed to get through the portal that opened on the Traveler. This can be seen in the campaEsports Extrasof Destiny 2 Eclipse. Inside, however, he has found Cayde-6—the vanguard hunter who died during the events of Forsaken. Now the question is is Ikora lost or is she also dead?

Bungie will hold a special broadcast of the final form

Destiny 2 The Final Form: first trailer reveals that Cayde-6 is alive

At the end of the short trailer, unveiled during the PlayStation Showcase 2023, Bungie revealed that it will be sharing more information about the latest major expansion for destiny 2 call the final formon Tuesday, August 22, 2023. We hope that day to find out if dear Cayde-6 is still alive or if Ikora has shared his same fate.

In our review of Destiny 2: Eclipse we said that, the expectations of the fans with the campaEsports Extrasof Destiny 2: Eclipse (lightfall) were very high. While Bungie’s proposed story pacing in Eclipse It is undoubtedly a step back from what was seen in The Witch Queen, we can say that Destiny 2: Eclipse is not just its campaEsports Extrasand other content such as quality of life improvements, the fun raid and the new subclass have added that “something” that was needed to continue to be interested in exploring space with us. guardian. Fortunately, the future heading to “The Final Form” seems to be full of action, excitement and all the answers we expect from the end of 10 years of history.

Source: official channel of destiny 2 in Youtube

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